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The Enormous Impression Your Grout Can Leave On Your Tile
The Enormous Impression Your Grout Can Leave On Your Tile Top Reasons To Consider Hiring Professional Grout Cleaning Services In Arizona Most people know that the grout color they choose during their tile floor installation will make a significant impression on the way their floor or backsplash looks. A carefully chosen grout color can make or break the look your tile gives to your home. What many people don’t realize, however, is that keeping the grout clean is just as
5 Ways a Tile & Grout Sealing Can Increase the Lifespan of Your Flooring
5 Ways a Tile & Grout Sealing Can Increase the Lifespan of Your Flooring   How Sealing Can Help Extend the Life of Your Tile & Grout   Purchasing a new home is a big achievement! Whether your home is brand new or previously lived in, it will come with many manuals and pamphlets. You’ll find owner’s manuals for kitchen and utility room appliances and receive warranty information. There’s also the large stack of mortgage paperwork from your lender and
Why DIY Tile Re-Grouting Is A Bad Idea For Your Tile Flooring Featured Image
Why DIY Tile Re-Grouting is a Bad Idea For Your Tile Flooring 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Tile Re-Grouting Services Over time, the grout on your tile floor or wall may start to break down or it may become stained. You may have hired a tile floor cleaning service, which may have told you that the grout cannot be restored just through cleaning. Now you’re thinking about replacing the structurally compromised or permanently stained grout – and you’re
3 Unbeatable Ways to Restore Discolored Grout What The Best Tile And Grout Cleaning Services In Arizona Mean For Your Floors ? Discolored grout is one of the most common cosmetic problems in a bathroom. Over time, dirt, grime, and even mildew can build up in that tiny space between your tile, causing the grout to darken or discolor. You might scrub and scrub and make no difference. Meanwhile, your bathroom or kitchen starts to look older and dirtier and
Grout Sealing Guide The Importance of Frequent Sealing
Grout Sealing Guide: The Importance of Frequent Sealing Grout sealing is often overlooked by homeowners after the initial installment. However, as a standard of care, regular resealing is an important step to keep your tile and grout clean and fresh. The frequency depends on where your tile is located. Is it a backsplash? Shower? Busy entryway floor? These and other aspects will dictate how often Gilbert tile and grout cleaning and resealing is required. Why Does Grout Need to Be
How Failing Grout Affects Your Tile's Appearance
How Failing Grout Affects Your Tile’s Appearance Nothing beats a beautiful tile and grout floor. With the many unique types of tile to choose from, and endless colors of grout to match, you cannot go wrong with ceramic tile flooring. Unfortunately, even the best maintained floor can end up with dingy, crumbling grout, contributing to a very unsightly appearance, not to mention a tripping hazard. If looking at your bathroom floor just makes you cringe, it is time to call
Foolproof Guide to a Thorough Shower Tile Cleaning
A Foolproof Guide to a Thorough Shower Tile Cleaning Tile of all types is growing in popularity as shower and tub material. It is versatile, simple to maintain and clean, uniquely beautiful, and affordable. Unfortunately, even with the best maintenance and intentions, a deep Gilbert tile shower cleaning is necessary every so often. The porous nature of tile and grout serves as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew, which not only contributes to an unsightly bathroom, but
How to Prevent Mold Buildup On Your Shower Tile
How to Prevent Mold Buildup On Your Shower Tile There is nothing better than a hot, steamy shower after a long day. However, there is nothing worse than being in that shower and suddenly realizing there is toxic, ugly mold all over the walls and floors. How does the mold even get there? Doesn’t your weekly Scottsdale ceramic tile & grout cleaning keep it away? These are all questions we will answer, along with ways to prevent mold from returning.
Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Bathroom Tile Floors
Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Bathroom Tile Floors By nature, bathroom floors are one of the most highly trafficked, and therefore dirtiest, areas in a home. While we all know that a deep, thorough spring cleaning is important, how often should we actually be doing Gilbert ceramic tile floor cleaning? Research has shown that regular weekly cleaning is best, for the sake of both hygiene and cleanliness. Now before you sigh and drop to your hands and knees to
Spring Cleaning Time! How a Deep Tile & Grout Cleaning Can Save Your Home While there are a plethora of deep cleaning and maintenance projects that every homeowner can do for themselves, some things are better left to the professionals. One such area is Scottsdale ceramic tile and grout cleaning. Tile floors are typically installed in high traffic areas, due to their durability and visual appeal. Unfortunately, cement-based grout is extremely porous, essentially like a sponge, and becomes prime breeding

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