Ways To Improve The Longevity Of Your Tile & Grout

Ways To Improve The Longevity Of Your Tile & Grout

Maintenance Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Tile & Grout

Everyone loves to live in a home that looks nice and feels well cared for. However, as we go through our daily and weekly cleaning routines, it’s easy to overlook the flooring. Most of us are busy with work, our children’s activities, running errands, or completely school assignments, so we try to get by with the bare minimum of housework and don’t notice the way our tile and grout looks until it’s so filthy we can’t ignore it any longer.

One of the easiest ways to keep your home looking clean is to take care of your grout. Grout that has turned brown and looks dingy or dirty has a significant effect on the way the rest of the room looks. One of the most important ways to keep your tile and grout sparkling clean is to hire a professional Phoenix tile floor cleaning service on a regular basis. Regular maintenance and professional cleaning will go a long way toward increasing the lifespan of your grout and tile.

The good news is that there are some simple things that you can do on your own to keep your tile floors clean so the rest of your home looks great, too. Try these three unbeatable ways to improve your tile floor’s longevity.

Maintenance Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Tile & Grout In Gilbert, AZ

1. Take Care Of Spills & Messes Right Away To Protect Your Tile Floor

Many people choose not to install carpet because it can be so difficult to keep clean. If you have tile flooring in your home, you know how much easier it is to take care of food spills or pet messes! When something is spilled or dropped onto a tile floor, it’s easily wiped up with a towel. Unfortunately, like carpet, tile flooring is at risk of staining if the mess is not cleaned up right away. This is especially true when the spill is something deeply colored, such as red wine or tomato sauce.

Don’t let messes linger. Act quickly and get them cleaned up properly to avoid staining. If you can’t get the stain out, or if you have older stains on your flooring, Gilbert tile and grout cleaning is the best solution. It’s also a good idea to clean up plain water spills right away. This may seem like an insignificant problem, since it’s just water, but eventually the moisture will become absorbed into the grout and weaken it. Wipe up water spills immediately to protect your tile floor.

2. Keep Your Tile Flooring Dry To Avoid Replacements

It’s important to keep your tile and grout protected from excessive moisture. While you do want to wash your tile flooring regularly, don’t overdo the water. This is because excessive water on your flooring can cause mold or mildew growth in your grout. Over time, water can begin to seep through your tile, causing decay and eventually requiring tile replacement. To help avoid this problem, consider drying your tile floor with a towel after cleaning or turn on a fan while you’re washing the floor to help the water dry up more quickly.

3. Use Only Tile Friendly Cleaning Solutions

If grout becomes stained, it’s tempting to scrub it with a stiff brush and strong cleaners. But this can backfire, because strong solvents and harsh chemicals will damage your grout and tile, leaving them more vulnerable to staining and water damage. You’ll also want to avoid cleaning solutions that contain dyes or coloring because that can build up and stain your grout.

Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid using abrasive cleaning tools, such as steel wool or metal brushes, because they can cause etching on your tile. Instead, use a soft cloth or a steam mop with the appropriate cleaning products to maintain your tile and grout and protect them from damage. If you’re not sure which cleaning products are safe to use, ask an experienced Chandler grout cleaning service for a recommendation.

Hire a Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Service In Gilbert

If your tile floor is looking a bit dingy or you are feeling ready for a deep clean, it might be a good time for a professional ceramic tile and grout cleaning. Desert Tile and Grout Care is at your service! Our experienced crew is ready to get your tile floor back to looking beautiful and feeling sparkling clean. We are a family owned business who takes pride in every job. We’ll treat your home with respect and ensure good communication. To schedule your appointment with Desert Tile and Grout Care, reach out to us today!

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