A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Timeless Grout for Your Tile

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Timeless Grout for Your Tile

Choosing The Best Grout for Your New Tile

It can take a lot of time and shopping to find the right tile for your bathroom and kitchen. Once it’s done, you’ll feel relieved that the hardest part is over. Or is it? While the color, size, pattern, and orientation of the tile make a significant impact on the way your tile looks in the room, the color of the grout you choose to surround the tiles also makes a huge impact. In fact, try a couple sample colors at your tile supplier and you’ll be amazed at how different grout colors will completely transform the look of the tile.

Even when grout becomes discolored and needs Gilbert tile and grout cleaning to restore its original look, the color of the grout you choose can still affect the way it looks before the cleaning. Check out these tips while you’re designing your new tiled surface so you can choose the perfect grout color for a timeless look.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Timeless Grout for Your Tile

Consider a Complementary Color

Initially, most people look at grout colors that match or complement the color of the tile. That means they may choose a light gray grout to match a darker grey tile, or a tan grout to fit with a tile in a shade of brown.

Choosing a complementary color can be a really great option for many surfaces. Most notably, complementary colors can make your room feel bigger and create a more uniform visual appearance. This can be helpful if you are tiling a small room, such as a guest bathroom. When the grout appears to blend into the tile, the visual lines will become smooth so the space feels larger.

One situation where complementary colored grout can be challenging is when you have chosen a very light colored tile. White on white is a popular combination, but can be very difficult to keep clean, especially in a shower or on a kitchen backsplash. This might mean you’ll need Gilbert grout cleaning service more frequently than you originally anticipated.

Consider a Contrasting Color

If you prefer a bold look, take a look at some contrasting grout colors. A really popular trend at the moment is black or dark gray grout with a bright white tile, especially with subway tiles. This can be a stunning and classic combination for a bathroom or backsplash.

The advantage of a darker grout is that you will be highlighting the pattern of the tile, so it’s an especially good choice when you have a specialty arrangement pattern, such as herringbone or chevron. If you want your tiled surface to really stand out, try a bright and unusual color such as red or turquoise with white tile, or even a yellow grout with a jade tile. Colorful combinations can add a splash of whimsy or make a dramatic statement in areas such as a kitchen backsplash, backyard patio, or children’s bathroom.

Consider a Highlight Color

Very few tiles are a solid color. Most tile options have marbling, veining, speckling, or other subtle patterns that add interest or contrast. When you choose a grout color that highlights one of these patterns, you’ll create a timeless and classic accent to your room that will make your tile really stand out.

Another option is to choose a grout color that matches nearby elements in your home. For example, consider a tile color that matches the countertop or your island’s cabinet colors. A subtle effect can make a big difference and make a room feel coordinated without drawing a lot of attention. Whatever you choose, Gilbert ceramic tile and grout cleaning will keep it glowing so your room stays in top shape.

Discuss and Try Out Your Options

While you’re planning your new tiled surface, talk with your contractor about your options. Sometimes it helps to consult a color wheel to help you find ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Be sure to test grout and tile combinations before you decide on the final color. It’s possible to remove grout and start over if you’re unhappy with the final product, but it’s a difficult and sometimes expensive process. Take some time to sample first to avoid disappointment! Try out your grout options with a couple of tiles on a piece of plywood to get an idea of what your design will look like. Allow the grout to cure for a few days or longer since the color can change slightly as it dries.

Keep Your Tile Looking New with Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Service in Gilbert

Once you’ve made all of your selections and had your tile installed, Desert Tile & Grout Care is ready for all your tile cleaning needs. We offer a full range of professional services that will keep your tile looking new and clean, and can also help prevent premature grout or tile replacement. Call or text Desert Tile & Grout Care today for a free estimate!

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