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Clean and Seal Saltillo Tile and Mexican Tile. Tile and Grout Can Be Refinished, Colored, Stained and Renewed.

Since much of the ambiance of Arizona is steeped in Mexican culture, including building and decorating styles, Saltillo Tiles and Mexican Tiles are extremely popular. Saltillo tile is a type of terra cotta tile that originated in Saltillo, Mexico. These tiles are made from natural clay and mostly produced in Mexico. They have a distinctive rustic appearance and sometimes contain animal tracks made during the drying process, which are said to be good luck. True Mexican tile is made by hand and fired at low temperatures. These tiles vary in color depending on where the tile was placed among the other tiles when they were fired.
Your Saltillo and Mexican Tile Can Be Colored, Stained and Renewed By Desert Tile and Grout!
Being hand made, they are not perfectly flat or perfectly shaped, which gives the room they are in a softer, more rustic look. They are available in a variety of colors, but are most often orange, beige, or red. Mexican tile is extremely porous by nature, and stains and scuffs easily if not properly sealed and maintained with the proper sealant. Unlike most ceramic tile, there is no glaze on the top surface of the tile. Once properly sealed, notice when water begins to soak in rather than bead up. Then you will know its time to reseal your Phoenix tile floor. Mexican Talavera tiles are handmade and handcrafted earthenware squares that are glazed with bold colors and then hand-painted. It is very rustic and colorful, often used on walls and countertops. They are smaller, most commonly 4 inches by 4 inches or 6 inches by 6 inches. No Southwestern-style kitchen is complete without Talavera. Sometimes natural tiles develop a problem with efflorescence and professional cleaning may be needed to remove it. Efflorescence is a white crystalline substance sometimes seen on the surface of Mexican tile and is composed of salts, lime and other minerals. These salts come from inside the clay where alkali substances exist. As water evaporates from within the clay the salts can move to the surface. If your Mexican tile is beginning to show wear, don’t wait for it to be irreparably damaged. Have your Chandler AZ tile and grout colored, stained, sealed, and renewed.
Before Saltillo Courtyard
After Saltillo CourtyardAFTER
Kitchen Mexican Tile before
Kitchen Mexican Tile afterAFTER
Mexican Tile before stained
Mexican Tile after stainedAFTER
Saltillo Tile beforeBEFORE
Saltillo Tile afterAFTER
Saltillo BeforeBEFORE
Saltillo AfterAFTER
Saltillo BeforeBEFORE
Saltillo afterAFTER
This Gilbert Arizona tile floor is covered in dirt with the grout darkened to a dark brown color before  cleaningBEFORE
After we were done cleaning, the grout was restored to its original white colorAFTER
This Chandler Arizona kitchen was dull and faded, with its grout turning a brown-ish grey colorBEFORE
We were able to remove all the layers of dirt, returning these tiles to their original color with the white groutAFTER
Before cleaning this floor in Tempe Arizona is dull because of layers of dirtBEFORE
After cleaning services this looks brand newAFTER
Mexican Tile Patio Floor before professional surface restoration in Mesa, AZBEFORE
Beautiful mexican tile patio yard after professional cleaning and sealing in Tempe ArizonaAFTER
Dirty Mexican Saltillo tile floor in historic home in Phoenix, ArizonaBEFORE
Restored Mexican Saltillo Tile kitchen floor in Scottsdale, Arizona, homeAFTER
Dirty and Shabby Mexican Tile Floor needs restoration services in Mesa AZBEFORE
Quality Mexican Tile Cleaned and sealed by Desert Tile & Grout Care in Gilbert, ArizonaAFTER
Faded by the Phoenix Arizona sunBEFORE
Mexican tile restored from sun fading to its original beautyAFTER
Prior to cleaning services in Mesa ArizonaBEFORE
Desert Tile and Grout cleaned this floor, restoring it to looking newAFTER
Kitchen floor before being cleanedBEFORE
After cleaning, this Mexican tile floor is restored to its original glossy sheen, even to the point of reflecting celing lightsAFTER
The tile flooring of this home is dull and faded before cleaning by Desert Tile and Grout CareBEFORE
After being cleaned by Desert Tile and Grout Care this Mexican tile floor is restored to its original glossy sheenAFTER
The flooring in Mesa Arizona is dull and faded prior to serviceBEFORE
Desert Tile and Grout Care cleaned this floor and returned it to its glossy stateAFTER
Before being cleaned this floor in Phoenix Arizona was covered in white paint during remodeling BEFORE
Desert Tile and Grout Care restored this Phoenix AZ apartment's Mexican tile flooring, making it look brand new AFTER
This kitchen floor is in desperate need of cleaning, luckily we have excellent cleaning servicesBEFORE
After our company was done cleaning, it looked like the flooring had been replaced!AFTER
Before cleaning, the tiles of this  floor were discolored, the grout a dark brown and blackBEFORE
After this Mexican tile floor was cleaned by Desert Tile and Grout Care, you would think it was a brand new floorAFTER
This floor in Tempe Arizona was covered in dirt after years of neglectBEFORE
We were able to make the tiles shine again, leaving it looking new again with our cleaning serviceAFTER
This kitchen in Mesa Arizona has a black-colored grout which was originally white which is something our company specializes in restoringBEFORE
This floor, which previously had a black colored grout due to years of dirt build up, now has a beautiful white grout after being cleaned and sealedAFTER
This flooring in Mesa Arizona is dull and discoloredBEFORE
Flooring restored to its original color and shineAFTER
Tiling discolored and fadedBEFORE
This floor owes its luster and shine to being cleaned and sealedAFTER
Tiles from Mexico before being cleanedBEFORE
Tiles from Mexico after being cleaned and sealedAFTER
Saltillo Tile Coloring before BEFORE
Saltillo Tile Coloring afterAFTER
Saltillo Tile Coloring before BEFORE
Saltillo Tile Coloring afterAFTER
Saltillo Tile before BEFORE
Saltillo Tile afterAFTER
Saltillo Tile before BEFORE
Saltillo Tile afterAFTER
Mexican Tile before BEFORE
Mexican Tile afterAFTER
Saltillo Tile before stained process BEFORE
Saltillo Tile before stainedAFTER
Saltillo Tile before stained by Josh Parkhouse BEFORE
Saltillo Tile after stained by Josh ParkhouseAFTER
Saltillo Tile before Stained by Desert TileBEFORE
Saltillo Tile after stained by Desert TileAFTER
Saltillo Tile before stained
Saltillo Tile after stainedAFTER

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