How To Seal & Maintain Saltillo Mexican Tile

How To Seal & Maintain Saltillo Mexican Tile

Saltillo Tile Care: Sealing & Maintenance

For some people, a Saltillo floor is the best way to go! They are beautiful and practical. And if you can install them professionally, they will last for generations. The big issue is that caring for this type of tile can be challenging. You shouldn’t have any problems with the right tools, but we insist that Saltillo tiles require special care.

Before contacting a professional tile floor cleaning service in Gilbert, we recommend you check the following tips to ensure good looks and quality.

Saltillo Tile Care: Sealing & Maintenance in Gilbert, AZ

Topcoat Sealer Vs. Penetrating Sealer

Most manufacturers produce a solvent-based sealer that should be applied to unsealed Saltillo tiles in more than five coats. For many reasons, experts recommend buying pre-sealed Saltillo Mexican tiles instead of unsealed ones. The prices between sealed and unsealed tiles vary a little, but pre-sealed tiles offer a long-term value.

You can apply a finishing “topcoat” sealer once you install the pre-sealed tiles.

Topcoat sealers are necessary to offer a final cosmetic coat across the floor. It also reduces ongoing maintenance.

Saltillo tile topcoat sealers also add UV protection, scratch protection, and water resistance to the grout while sealing it. Moreover, the final coat removes scuffs that penetrate the sealer during the grouting and shipping process.

Depending on the quality of the topcoat sealer, you will have to reseal the floor after 3 to 5 years. However, some sealers increase the long-lasting effect to 10 and 15 years.

What Materials Do I Need For Sealing?

You need a few materials to seal Saltillo tile. Many homeowners think they need to spend thousands of dollars on materials, but that’s not true.

The materials are similar to those you use in Peoria tile floor cleaning. Here’s the complete list:

  • Your high-quality sealer (remember to use solvent-based sealers on unsealed tiles if possible)
  • Paint pan
  • A long application pole and short pain rollers
  • Protective masks and items of clothing
  • Cleaning materials based on manufacturer’s recommendations

    If you want to apply a topcoat sealer, you will need most of the same items:

  • A high-quality sealer (the topcoat sealer must be compatible with other penetrating sealers already used in the clay tile)
  • Paint pan
  • A long application pole and rectangular paint pads
  • Protective items of clothing and masks
  • Cleaning materials

    As you can see, the only difference between pre-sealed and unsealed tiles is the type of applicator (paint pads vs. paint rollers)

    How To Seal Unsealed Saltillo Mexican Tile

    Follow these steps to apply the sealer to unsealed tiles:

    1. Pour small amounts of solvent-based sealer into the paint pan
    2. Dip and rotate a paint roller
    3. Swipe the roller across the floor with small motions.
    4. Follow dry time recommendations according to the sealer’s manufacturer.
    5. Reapply only if necessary.

    You should be able to see the color variations throughout the Saltillo tile flooring area. They are inconsistent, but only until you apply the right coats of sealer.

    Remember to clean your tiles first. Contact a Fountain Hills tile floor cleaning service if necessary.

    How To Apply Topcoat Sealer To Saltillo Mexican Tile

    Once you are ready with the penetrating sealer, you can apply the topcoat.

    The process of applying topcoat sealer is similar to the previous one. There are only two differences.

  • You must replace the paint roller with a paint pad
  • You may only need one coat

    Now, follow these steps:

  • Pour a small amount of the top-quality sealer into the paint pan
  • Carefully dip your paint pad into the tile sealer
  • Swipe the pad across the tile floor with soft motions. Do not let the sealer puddle in the grout. If that happens, swipe again until the sealer remains even.

    You can repeat the process only if the results you get are not what you expected. Otherwise, you can leave it like that.

    How Much Should I Wait For It To Dry?

    Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, keep in mind that most sealers cannot be applied to areas below 65°F or above 80 to 85°F.

    Adequate drying times are crucial for the curing effect, so let it dry as long as needed. Some penetrating sealers require at least 2 hours of drying time between coats.

    Don’t forget to clean your tiles properly. A Gilbert tile floor cleaning service may be necessary if you cannot clean your tile properly. The floor must be dry and clean before applying tile sealer.

    Avoid applying a sealer if you know it’s gonna rain soon (for outdoor projects).

    Tips After Sealing

    Maintenance is crucial, so follow these tips to keep your Saltillo Mexican tile looking good:

  • The hardening process can take several days depending on the sealers
  • Don’t drag furniture across the floor until curing is ready
  • Add an anti-slip additive to the sealer if you want a non-slip surface finish
  • Clean your tiles frequently, but avoid using harsh cleaners
  • Turn off sprinklers until the sealer is fully dry (for outdoor projects)

    Contact A Gilbert Tile Floor Cleaning Service

    We remind you to thoroughly clean and dry your floor before applying any sealer. It’s difficult to remove the sealer, so you should not mess it up the first time!

    To avoid any problems in the long run, you can contact Desert Tile & Grout Care. We offer a unique tile cleaning and sealing service to guarantee superb results. Contact us now to get started!

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    Posted: July 15, 2022
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