Whitening Tiles: How To Keep Your Tile Grout From Turning Yellow

Whitening Tiles: How To Keep Your Tile Grout From Turning Yellow

Tips & Tricks To Extend The Life Of Your Tiles & Keep Them White

You’ve worked hard to install beautiful tile in your home, but in time and with the right conditions, it will start to look dingy and old. Contacting a professional tile floor cleaning service in Gilbert is usually the best solution for making your floors look new. However, you probably want to know if there are any homemade methods to keep your grout clean.

You’ll be happy to know there are ways to keep tiles white. These methods may not last forever, but they are still worth it to try.

Here are some tips and tricks you can do at home to extend the life of your floor and keep it looking good!

Tips & Tricks To Extend The Life Of Your Tiles & Keep Them White? in Gilbert, AZ

Check The Cleaning Supplies Your Using To Clean Tiles

Sadly, some items at home can make your gorgeous white grout yellow. Using abrasive cleansers is the worst you can do as they can cause your white grout to become discolored.

Avoid ingredients like bleach to prevent discoloration. You cannot use any type of cleaner, so research first to be sure you are using the right ones. It’s crucial to use a cleaner for your specific grout.

A simple homemade solution is a lukewarm water with vinegar. The mixture must be diluted before use.

Make sure you are using clean supplies. Don’t use a dirty sponge, and swap out your mop water frequently. Use a fresh rag once in a while to prevent dirt.

Contact a tile floor cleaning service in Peoria if you think you cannot clean your grout.

Keep in mind that black or brown discoloration indicates a mildew problem. In that case, you’ll need a more aggressive cleansing to kill the organism first before worrying about the color of the grout.

Check The Water You Use For Tile Washing

If you are still not sure why your grout is looking yellow, the answer may be in the water. Water with high iron levels can lead to discolored grout.

Test your water to see if that’s the issue. Fortunately, installing a water filter can help solve the issue. Filtration systems lower the iron levels, so they can keep your grout clean. Besides, most filtration systems are small enough to fit on a shower head.

External Factors Can Make Your Tile Grout Yellow

See what’s coming into contact with your tile grout. Soaps, body washes, shampoos, lotions, and other items you use for body care can contain dyes that splash onto the grout and change its color.

Hairspray, cigarettes, and other airborne products may also play a role. You can easily rinse your tile and grout after a shower. Also, look at the labels of your products if you prefer to change them with something more tile-friendly.

Contact a Fountain Hills tile and grout cleaning service for more information about tile care.

Use Sealants For Prevention

If you want to keep the whiteness of your tile, apply a sealant. Sealants prevent your grout from deteriorating while protecting them against other damage.

Nevertheless, even with the right sealant, you may still need to hire a local grout cleaning professional before the application. Only experts can sucessfully kill any mold and remove debris. This step is crucial to apply the sealant in the best way possible.

Clean Your Tile And Grout

Maybe your grout only needs a good old-fashioned cleaning, so follow these steps:

  • Scrape the surface of your grout lines with a safety razor to remove soap residues and debris.
  • Once you have removed the residues, spray the wall with a non-bleach degreaser.
  • Once you have saturated the wall, put on your gloves, grab a sponge, and scrub. Use the hottest water you can stand to scrub the entire surface with vertical and horizontal motions.
  • Lastly, rinse the wall with hot water, and that’s it!

    What To Do If My Grout Is Already Yellow

    If your grout has significant discoloration and the previous cleaning methods didn’t give you the results you wanted, then you might consider a professional Gilbert tile and grout cleaning service. It is the best option to restore your tile and make it look new again.

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    Posted: August 15, 2022

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