Should I Paint Over Discolored Tiles To Improve Them?

Should I Paint Over Discolored Tiles & Grout To Improve Their Appearance?


Why Gilbert Tile Specialists Recommend To Never Paint Over Discolored Grout?

When it comes to do it yourself projects around your home, most people know that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance of almost any area of their home – whether that’s inside or out. In fact, if you’ve ever listed a home for sale, you probably received advice from your realtor to touch up certain rooms around your home, porch, or siding to promote the appeal of your home.

While it’s true that a fresh coat of paint can brighten up a room, make almost any area of your home feel larger or cozier, and revitalize your home’s curb appeal, there is one part of your home that should never see paint: your tiled shower, floor, or backsplash. Occasionally, Phoenix tile floor restoration is asked whether painting over grout is a good idea. However, paint cannot improve the appearance of your grout and is not an effective method for brightening it up. Our tile specialists recommend never, ever painting over discolored grout. Painting over grout will not improve its appearance; it will actually make your tile look worse.
Gilbert Tile Specialists Recommend Never Painting Over Discolored Grout In AZ

Why Is Painting Over Discolored Grout Never a Good Idea?

For someone who is frustrated with ugly, worn, or discolored grout, painting over the top might seem like a viable and inexpensive solution. In fact, some paints are even specially formulated to cover stains and improve the appearance of walls or siding. However, there is no paint formula that is designed or suitable for painting grout. Instead, call Gilbert grout cleaning service to examine your tile, professionally clean your grout, have it replaced, or brightened.

Choosing to paint over discolored grout can cause a lot of problems. One of the biggest challenges of painting grout is that you will need to have a perfectly steady hand. If any paint gets on your tiles, it will be difficult to wipe off. If paint smears or dries onto your beautiful tiles, there’s only one way to deal with the problem, which is to scrape the tiles. This can cause damage to your tiles that cannot be repaired.

Let’s assume for a moment that you do have a completely steady hand or have a lot of artistic skill and are able to paint perfectly over the grout lines without spilling even a bit of paint onto the tiles themselves. It may look okay for a while, but you’ll quickly run into problems. Since paint is not a formula that is intended to be applied to surfaces such as grout, it will sit on top of the grout. Instead of bonding to the grout and lasting for a long time, the paint will quickly and easily begin to rub off with even the slightest amount of touch. In a short period of time, the whole project will end badly and your tiled surface will look worse than it did before the painting job.

Avoid disappointment, wasted money, and lost time on a project that will not provide long term results by contacting Chandler tile floor restoration to take care of the job beautifully and professionally.

What Should I Do Instead Of Painting My Discolored Grout?

Fountain Hills tile and grout cleaning is your best choice for any tile or grout solution. A quality service will provide an easy in home assessment of your grout to help you determine which service is best for your needs and budget. In many cases, discolored grout simply needs a deep professional cleaning using our specialty cleaning products, heat, and pressure.

If your grout’s discoloration cannot be removed with professional Scottsdale ceramic tile and grout cleaning, you may want to consider grout color staining. An experienced tile technician will apply a color sealant that will penetrate deeply into the pores of your grout, changing its color or eliminating the discoloration. This sealant also helps protect your tiled surfaces from discoloration in the future. Regrouting is another option for damaged grout. This service will strengthen your tiled surface and improve its appearance. Don’t paint over discolored grout – contact the professionals so you can have a long lasting and beautiful tiled surface!

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