Grout Sealing Guide: The Importance of Frequent Sealing

Grout Sealing Guide: The Importance of Frequent Sealing

Grout sealing is often overlooked by homeowners after the initial installment. However, as a standard of care, regular resealing is an important step to keep your tile and grout clean and fresh. The frequency depends on where your tile is located. Is it a backsplash? Shower? Busy entryway floor? These and other aspects will dictate how often Gilbert tile and grout cleaning and resealing is required.

Tile floor whit new Grout Sealing

Why Does Grout Need to Be Resealed?

Once grout has been installed in a tile floor, it is critical to seal it right away. Grout is a highly porous material and as such, needs to be protected. A high quality sealant will provide a durable protective layer against any dirt, mold, bacteria, or mildew that could get tracked into the area and absorbed.

Additionally, a layer of sealant makes the grout water resistant, and helps it repel moisture and germs. It will extend the life of your tile and grout, keep it looking fresh and lean, and prevent any toxic mold or mildew growth. Overall, the grout will simply last longer and look better when a high quality sealant is applied.

High Traffic Areas

Typically, expert Mesa tile floor cleaning services recommend resealing grout approximately every two years. However, if you have tile in a high-traffic area such as the main entryway, mud room, or the family shower, your grout should be resealed at least once every year. Sometimes the busy areas need to be resealed as often as every six months.

While this may seem overwhelming, it becomes much easier to remember when you hire a professional Mesa grout cleaning service. Simply hire a reputable local Mesa tile floor cleaning company, such as Desert Tile & Grout Care, and they will expertly reseal your grout after deep cleaning the area. Doing so will go a long way toward protecting your grout from bacteria or mildew growth, contamination, and water absorption. Regular professional cleaning and grout resealing will also keep those busy high-traffic areas looking clean, shiny, and brand new.

Low Traffic Areas

While high-traffic areas require more frequent resealing, areas with less traffic can go longer in between sealing sessions. Gilbert ceramic tile floor cleaning experts recommend resealing approximately every two years for those areas. If you have a kitchen or bath backsplash or another area that requires very little cleaning, you could consider using a high-quality sealant that lasts 10-20 years. This is especially true if you only use water or an extremely diluted household cleaner for the tile.

It is important to be aware that regular cleaning with household cleaners will wear down the seal faster than using just water or nothing at all. Once the seal wears down, the grout becomes greatly susceptible to moisture absorption and allowing dirt particles to be forced into its pores. Once that happens, the grout will experience toxic mold or mildew growth, and will quickly begin to breakdown from the inside out. If you are noticing grout breakdown or discoloration, call a professional Gilbert tile floor restoration service right away.

Hire a Professional

If you need professional Gilbert ceramic tile and grout cleaning and resealing, contact Desert Tile & Grout Care today. Our local company specializes in all types of tile and grout care, and will provide that professional rejuvenating touch your tile floors need. Whether your home needs expert cleaning and resealing for floors, showers, backsplashes, or patios, Desert Tile & Grout Care is qualified, capable, and affordable. Contact us today at (480) 288-4475 to learn more!

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