5 Tips To Preserve Your Sealed Tiles

5 Tips To Preserve Your Sealed Tiles

Keeping Your Tile Floor In Excellent Condition

Tiles are beautiful. They’re part of our legacy and part of many houses constructed today. But like everything else, they require maintenance and a bit of TLC to last longer and stay in prime condition.

Keeping your floor in excellent condition is extremely important, so with that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to share some tips which will help prevent any damage to the roof tiles in the future.

Read our 5 tips to preserve sealed tiles before contacting a tile floor cleaning service in Anthem.

Sealing Tile Floors in a house in Arizona

Clean Your Tiles Before Applying Sealant

Before applying the sealer, ensure that the tiles are clean. It’s crucial to start with a clean slate because you could accidentally seal in any dirt or debris on the surface.

You can use a mild soap and water solution to clean your tile. Use a stronger cleaning solution if the dirt and stains are difficult to remove.

To ensure that no residue is left on the tile, just make sure to thoroughly rinse it after.

When sealing natural stone tile, remove any existing sealant before applying a brand-new one. You can complete this by applying a sealant remover. Once the old sealant has been removed, you must clean the tile as we previously mentioned.

Once you finish cleaning the tile, move on to the next step.

Focus On Even & Light Application

Apply the sealer in an even and thin layer. Avoid globbing on too much sealant if you don’t want a cloudy finish as a result. Finding the right balance when sealing tile is indispensable.

It is also essential to use the sealer in a properly ventilated area. The fumes from the sealer can be potent. Even professionals with trusted Avondale tile and grout cleaning services ventilate areas to avoid inhaling fumes.

Simply open some windows and doors before you start!

After applying the sealer, allow it to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You may choose to apply a second coat once it has dried.

Your tile will be safe once the sealer has dried.

Let It Dry For At Least 24 Hours

Allow the sealer to dry completely before using the tile. It normally takes 24 hours. If you don’t let the sealer dry completely, it won’t be quite as effective.

You should also avoid walking on a tile floor that has not yet been sealed. Your body weight can cause the sealer to become patchy. If you have pets, keep them away from the tile until the sealer has dried. Nobody wants ambiguous matt paw prints pressed into a high-gloss finish.

You Must Deep Clean & Reapply The Sealant Every Two Years

To keep your tiles protected, reapply the tile sealer every few years. Because of the volume of foot traffic, floor tile sealing is especially important.

When water no longer beads up on the tile’s surface or the color begins to fade, it’s time to reseal. You can call Buckeye tile and grout cleaning services if you think you have no time for this task.

When resealing, remember to clean the tile first, as we discussed in step one.

Stay Away From Hard Chemicals That Damage Tile Sealant

Although tile sealer is necessary to protect tiles from discoloration, they cannot tolerate harsh chemicals. Therefore, don’t use abrasive cleaning agents on your tile backsplashes and floors.

Tiles are typically made of minerals such as ceramic or natural stone. Since these materials are porous, harsh chemicals can easily harm them. There are, however, materials that do not have this issue, such as porcelain, which is virtually nonporous due to its extremely low porosity.

Harsh chemicals can also cause sealant damage, leaving your tile floor or backsplash vulnerable. Use mild soap and water or gentle cleaners to clean your tiles.

When Should I Call The Experts?

You can maintain your tile floors and backsplashes looking great for years by following these simple tips. Just keep in mind that sealing tile is only one component of the equation.

Sometimes you might need an expert on your side to keep your tiles in their best condition. You should call them whenever you need a special treatment for your tiles!

Contact A Trusted Gilbert Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

Feel free to contact Desert Tile & Grout Care if you need extra help when taking care of your tiles. We have the best team to clean and restore your sealed tiles to make it look as new! Contact us now for more info.

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