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Why Ceramic Tile is a Fantastic Choice for Your Phoenix Home this Winter Season

Why Ceramic Tile is a Fantastic Choice for Your Phoenix Home this Winter Season

Why Ceramic Tile is a Fantastic Choice for Your Phoenix Home this Winter Season!

Here are just a few of the many reasons why tile is a great winter floor choice !
Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix doesn’t get much of a winter compared to the rest of the country. In fact, many snow birds from northeastern states fly to Arizona for the coldest months of the year to get a reprieve from the heavy snow and ice at their homes.

While Phoenix certainly has a temperate and pleasant climate throughout the year, it does get colder temperatures during the winter, and it does experience some seasonal changes, however minor. Of course, the changes are more dramatic in areas that experience a change in elevation, such as the lower desert valleys and the mountain areas.

Your home can take a toll based on these changes, in particular your floors. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for Arizona homes all year long, but especially in the winter. Here are just a few of the many reasons why:

They are Durable

Wood floors are popular right now thanks to their beautiful, warm look. But wood floors are also susceptible to a wide range of damage, including from water and dirt. The floors can swell and buckle, and they can scratch and dull easily.

Ceramic floors are resistant to most damage. They can endure foot traffic without scratching or easily staining.

While you don’t have to worry much about snow and ice in Arizona, it’s not entirely absent. Temperatures can go below freezing at night, and if you head outside to start your car, you can track water from the frost into your home. That can add up to a big problem for your floors day after day — but not if you have ceramic tile floors.

If you live in an area near a higher elevation, you could also track in the salt that is used to treat roads to keep them free of snow and ice. Those chemicals are very damaging to most floors, but ceramic tile withstands them easily.

They are Easy to Clean

You don’t need special cleaners or maintenance to keep ceramic tile floors looking great. You just need to sweep and mop them to keep them free of dirt and debris. You can mop the floors using any all-purpose cleaner — even dish soap.

Hardwood floors, on the other hand, require a lot of upkeep, including the use of specialty cleaners. Ditto for pressed laminate flooring.
With ceramic tile floors, you can just sweep and mop and not have to worry about anything else.

They Accept Radiant Heating

Phoenix Tile Floor Restoration By Desert Tile & Grout Care

One of the complaints about ceramic and other tile floors is that they can be cold. That’s great when you’re dealing with the brutal Arizona summers, but it’s not so great when the temperature drops during the coldest months and at night.

Of course, you can put down throw rugs to provide a soft and warm place to walk. But if you really want to create a luxurious feeling for your home, you can add radiant heating to your floors, which ceramic tile accepts well.

Radiant heating is placed under your floors, and it heats the flooring. You’ll feel like you are walking around in warm, cozy socks, but you’ll have nothing on your feet. You may only need to turn on the radiant heating a couple of months out of the year, but you’ll love having it when you do.

They Look Beautiful

Even in Arizona, the winter landscape can look a bit bleak. Not as much is blooming, and the skies are gray and overcast. Coming home should feel welcoming, and ceramic tile floors will ensure that it does.

Ceramic tile floors have a beautiful look that will improve the profile of any home. You can buy the tile in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can create just the decor that you want. You can create a bright and sunny look that is more reminiscent of spring, and you can enjoy it all year long.

They are Easy to Restore

Ceramic tile may be resistant to a lot of damage, but it is not invincible. If you have not taken at least the minimum steps to protect your floors — such as cleaning them regularly and wiping your feet before you come inside to minimize the dirt and water you bring in — then your floors will start to show signs of wear.
Phoenix Professional Tile Cleaning Services
Ceramic tile can become stained or scratched, and the grout can become dark and dingy. This damage can make the floors look old and unattractive.
Fortunately, these floors are easy to restore with professional ceramic tile and grout cleaning. Professional ceramic tile floor restoration can remove the tough stains that even the strongest cleaners aren’t able to remove. Professional Phoenix tile cleaning can give the floors back the color that you forgot they had. The floors will look brand new again.

Ceramic tile floor restoration can also remove some fine scratching, returning the original, smooth surface. Those scratches can trap dirt and contribute to staining, so getting rid of the scratches can also restore the color of the tile.

Desert Tile and Grout Care offers professional ceramic tile and grout cleaning as well as ceramic tile floor restoration to help your ceramic tile floors look their very best all year long. We have been getting results for homeowners and business owners throughout Arizona for years, and we have the experience and training to tackle even the toughest jobs.

In addition to ceramic tile floors, we also clean and restore marble floors, Mexican tile, brick patios and walkways, stone, Travertine tile, and more. We can clean the stone or tile surface as well as perform thorough Phoenix grout cleaning.

After cleaning your floors, patios, or walkways, we can seal the surface to prevent future staining or damage. If your floors have become discolored, we can stain or colorize them to restore their former beauty. We have solutions for all your flooring issues. Call us today to learn more about our professional ceramic tile and grout cleaning and other services.

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