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Top Reasons Why Your Chandler Tile and Grout Start Looking Dingy and Sad

Causes of dingy and sad-looking tile and grout floors in your Chandler, Arizona home.

Top Reasons Why Your Chandler Tile and Grout Start Looking Dingy and Sad
Josh Parkhouse and his experienced team explain top causes of dingy and sad-looking tile and grout floors in your Chandler, Arizona home.
Chandler, Arizona

Tile floor can improve the profile of any room. Imagine how porcelain tile will look in your entry way or how clay tile will look in your sunroom. You have an array of choices for color and design, allowing you to create any look you want for your Chandler home.

Now imagine how those beautiful tile floors will look covered in a thin layer of grime or with graying grout lines. Hiring a professional tile and grout restoration service in Chandler will make your floors look beautiful once again. However, it is important to take proper care of your floors on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of debris.

Here are a few top reasons why your Chandler tile and grout are likely to start looking dingy and sad:

Dirty Shoes and Dirty Feet

The biggest source of dirt and grime for your tile floors is your own feet. You carry in dirt, dust, grass, seeds, small pebbles and all kinds of other debris on the bottom of your shoes. You can even carry in dirt and grass on your bare feet.

Try instituting a “no shoes” rule in your home. Create a mud room near your entry way where your family and guests can remove their shoes when they enter. They won’t bring in any dirt from their shoes, and their feet won’t be dirty either since they just came out
of their shoes.

Using the Wrong Mop and Cleaners

Some tile just needs a quick sweep and a mop to stay clean, such as glazed porcelain tile. But some tile floors can be easily damaged by abrasive materials or exposure to too much water. For example, Mesa travertine tile is quite soft and can be scratched easily, and if water is left on the surface for any amount of time it can cause a chemical reaction that leads to staining. Even ceramic tile can be stained if you wet mop it and don’t dry it up immediately. The water brings dirt to the surface, and if it isn’t wiped away, it can cause staining.

Chandler Tile & Grout Cleaning Services By Desert Tile

Abrasive cleaners can scratch soft surfaces, and harsh chemicals can cause staining. Make sure you understand how to properly clean your tile floors so you can choose the right mop and the right cleaners.

Improper Grout Mixture

Many kinds of grout are available, just as there are many kinds of tile. Some grout is more porous than others, which can allow in more water or dirt. This grout will become stained more quickly and easily, even if it is sealed.

You must choose the right grout to protect your floors. Talk through your options when your floors are being installed, and pick the grout that will hold up to conditions in that room.

Outside Chemicals

Chemical exposure can damage your tile floors and cause permanent staining. The chemical reaction changes the structure of the floor, which changes the color. You can’t get rid of the color without reversing the chemical process, which you can’t do.

The only way to keep your floors looking good is to limit their exposure to chemicals. Keep products for home maintenance in your outside shed, put down tarps when you are doing home improvement work, and check the caps on cleaners before you use them.

Even with the best care, your floors could become dirty or stained over time. Desert Tile and Grout Care offers professional ceramic tile cleaning service in Chandler to remove even the toughest stains. Our tile and grout restoration services will make your tile floors look as good as new. However, our regular Chandler tile and grout cleaning service will prevent the staining in the first place. Call us today to schedule the service you need, whether it’s a basic cleaning or stain removal. We’ll give you the results you need.

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