Advantages of Mesa Travetine Tile Floors | Mesa, AZ

The Advantages of Travertine Tile Floors in Mesa


Why Travertine Floors Are A Convenient Addition To Your Arizona Home

With the extreme temperatures that Mesa, Arizona experiences, homeowners have to carefully choose materials for things like roofing and flooring. You need something that will stand up to the high heat, as well as withstand wear and tear from foot traffic.

Travertine Tile Floor In Mesa, Arizona

Travertine tile floors are an ideal choice for Mesa homes. They can create a beautiful, natural look and — with the right Mesa Travertine tile cleaning and sealing — they can withstand many common damages, such as scratching and staining.
Here are just a few of the many advantages of Travertine tile floors for your Mesa, Arizona home or business:

Travertine Tiles Are Made Of Natural Materials

Travertine flooring is an eco-friendly option. Travertine is made from limestone that has hardened around hot springs. It is readily available, and it contains no harmful chemicals. Not only will Travertine create a beautiful look, but it will also help you maintain a more sanitary environment. The stone is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. That means that it will help keep the room free of hair, dust and other allergens, and it will also eliminate bacteria.

Why Are Travertine Floors Easy To Maintain?

You hardly need to hire a Mesa tile cleaning service when you have Travertine floors. The tile is easy to maintain and typically only needs regular sweeping or dust mopping. If the floors are sealed regularly, they will resist scratching and staining. However, if the floors are exposed to acidic substances, the sealant can lose its effectiveness. If the floors become stained, a good tile cleaning service can help restore their natural beauty.

How Durable Are Travertine Tile Floors?

Travertine tile floors will last you for a long time. If they are properly maintained with Travertine tile cleaning, they can last for centuries. You’ll be able to protect your legacy if you are passing your home down to your children, or you’ll be able to increase the resale value of your home if you decide to sell.
Travertine is a flexible material. It can be installed indoors or outdoors and provide the same benefits in both locations. Whether you create a backyard patio or you remodel your kitchen, Travertine will create a beautiful look that is durable and easy to maintain.
Travertine also offers flexibility in its finishes. You can choose a natural matte finish, or you can choose a treatment for a glossy finish. Textured and brushed finishes are also available for a unique look that gives you more options for your decor.

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Travertine is a bit more expensive than other flooring options, but it is well worth the investment. Make sure you hire the right professionals for your Travertine tile cleaning to ensure that the floors stay in top shape for a long time. Desert Tile and Grout Care has the solutions you need. We are licensed and insured to clean all types of tile floors in Mesa, Arizona. We can clean or restore your Travertine tile floors and keep them looking beautiful for longer. We can also reseal your Travertine tile floors for maximum protection.

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