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The Difference between Inside and Outside Tiles in Mesa, Arizona

Learn the Difference between interior and exterior tiles for your Mesa, Arizona, home with Desert Tile & Grout

The Difference between Inside and Outside Tiles in Mesa, Arizona
Learn the key differences between interior and exterior tiles with Desert Tile & Grout Care.
Mesa, Arizona

Tile flooring is a great choice for your Mesa, Arizona home because it is generally more durable and easier to clean than other flooring choices, such as carpet or hardwoods. You’ll have lower maintenance costs, and you won’t have to repair or replace your floors as often. Mesa tile floor cleaning doesn’t have to take place nearly as often as carpet shampooing or floor refinishing.

This is true whether you have tile floors inside your home or outside, such as on a patio or walkway. Yet you will have to consider different things when deciding on the type of tile you use for inside flooring or outside flooring. Here are a few key considerations:


Tile floor is popular for all uses because it is durable. It won’t get stained as easily as carpet, and it won’t get scratched as easily as hardwoods. Some tile floors may never get scratched or stained at all.

It is important that you choose more durable tile surfaces for outdoor use, where foot traffic might be heavier, and debris like mud or gravel can stain and scratch the tile. Stone tile is a more durable choice for outdoor use compared to something like ceramic or porcelain, which is more suitable for indoor use.

Temperature Tolerance

Some tile materials can withstand extreme changes in temperature better than others. For example, natural stone and clay are more tolerant to temperature changes, which makes them better suited for outdoor use.

In Mesa, Arizona, the summer temperatures routinely reach over 100 degrees. The winter is milder, but temperatures can still get below freezing occasionally. It is important that you choose tiles that can withstand these types of temperatures for outdoor use.

Ease of Cleaning

Typically, tile does not require as much cleaning as other floor types. You can use water and any mild cleanser to mop away dirt, mud and other debris pretty easily. Over time, dirt, oil and other debris can still accumulate, causing staining or a generally dull appearance to the tile. When that happens, professional tile and grout cleaning can help to restore the surface.

Since outdoor floors will get more foot traffic and exposure to more dirt and grime, it is important to choose tiles that are less porous and less prone to staining. Sealers and other treatments can help to reduce the likelihood of staining, but it’s important to start with the right material.

Overall Look

Mesa Travertine Tile Floor Cleaning and Restoration Services

White, ceramic tile would likely look out of place on an outdoor patio, as would red, brick tile likely look out of place in a bathroom. Choosing the right tiles for your indoor or outdoor space also requires considering the overall look of the tiles and how they complement the space.

Whatever you choose for your indoor or outdoor tile floors, Desert Tile and Grout Care offers the tile floor cleaning services you need in Mesa, Arizona. We clean all types of tile floors, and our professional ceramic tile cleaning services can help your floors look as good as they day they were installed. We offer total tile and grout cleaning, helping to lift out stains and built-up debris on the surface and in between the tiles. You will be amazed at how beautiful your floors can look once they have been professionally cleaned. You may have forgotten how beautiful and vibrant the colors once were. Simply cleaning your tile floors may be enough to change the whole look of the room, saving you from remodeling or putting down new floors. Call us today to learn how we can help you.

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