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We love talking with our clients about Arizona tile & grout questions, concerns, and protection. Our experts can answer questions you may have about services, offer advice on which products to use to protect your surfaces, and give quality tips on ongoing floor maintenance. Leave us a question and we’ll respond to you within 24-48 hours, or email us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Q. Should all grout be sealed? A: With the exception of grout that is 100% epoxy, all Mesa grout is porous and should be sealed. In most cases, unless the grout is sealed it will absorb dirt, grime and stains and even regular mopping will not solve the problem. In fact, mopping will only add to the problem. Conventional cleaning methods will generally not restore grout back to it’s original color or satisfactory condition. If the grout is discolored and stained or, if you wish to change the color of your grout, it can be fully restored with color sealing. This process will prevent moisture, dirt and grime from being absorbed into the grout. No more unsightly stains, mold or mildew. Q. How can I tell if my grout has been sealed? A: Do you know if your grout has been sealed? If it has, how can you tell if it needs to be sealed again? Put a few drops of water in the grout joint. If the grout joint has been sealed the water will ‘bead’ on the surface, if it soaks into the grout it requires sealing. Q. My grout color did not dry to an even color and is faded or blotchy. Is there anything I can do to change or even out the color? A: Yes, we can change the existing color or even out a modeled color, and provide a protective seal at the same time!! Color sealing provides a glare free, uniform color that is highly resistant to contaminants, water, wear, sunlight and extreme temperatures. Q. Why should I “color seal” my grout? Why not just apply a quality penetrating sealer? A: For several reasons. Keep in mind, grout is basically just sand and a little cement. It is subject to permanent staining. So, what stains didn’t come out during the Mesa tile cleaning process our “color seal” will cover them up. By the time we are finished your floor will be 100% uniform in color and tightly sealed. Penetrating sealers are designed to “buy you time” to wipe up a spill. When you “color seal” your grout there is no reaction time. Color sealed grout is stain resistant!! Q. Does my ceramic tile need to be sealed? A: No. Most glazed ceramic tiles available today have matte, no-shine finishes, yet they are still glazed and will not accept a sealer. In these cases, only the grout should be sealed. Q.I have a slate floor in my home that looks dull. Is there anything that can be done to bring the colors out? A: Absolutely. We can enhance your slate floor which seals it at the same time. Enhancers are designed to darken and bring out the colors in natural stone. We can also enhance travertine, marble, granite, Saltillo, brick, and more!! Q. Once my floor has been cleaned and sealed, how do I maintain it properly? A: We recommend cleaning your floor using a “neutral” cleaner. Add 2-3 ounces of neutral cleaner per gallon of water and damp mop. Neutral cleaner can be purchased from any janitorial supply house or even your local Home Depot or Lowe’s stores.
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