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How To Protect Your Chandler Tile Floor

Find out about How To best Protect Your Chandler, Arizona, Ceramic Tile FloorIf you are lucky enough to have ceramic tile or stone floors in your Chandler Arizona home or business you have quite an investment. These types of floors add value to your structure, are extremely durable and may well outlast all of your other furnishings! In light of this, you have a vested interest in protecting them.

Though some types of stone are harder, or less porous than others, you can protect all stone floors similarly. Carpet runners, doormats and rugs can protect against foot traffic and the dirt they bring in. Vacuum or dust mop stone tiles daily to prevent scratching caused by dirt and grit and wipe up spills and accidents immediately to prevent staining.

Sealing stone tiles is the best protection against stains and ground in dirt and spills.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are usually impervious to stains and spills, but their weakness is the grout. Grout is notoriously porous and therefore stains easily, and should be sealed to prevent staining. Ceramic and porcelain tiles can also be scratched by tracked in dirt.

In Chandler, another enemy of tile and grout is the sun. Even though tile stands up to exposure to strong sunlight better than other floor coverings, it can still be susceptible to fading and grout can become dry and brittle.

Acidic liquids such as citrus or tomato products along with soaps, and oils are also enemies of your beautiful tile, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Prevention is the best line of defense when it comes to maintaining floor tiles.

Another common way stone, brick or ceramic tiles are damaged is when a heavy item is dropped on them causing chips or cracks. If this should happen to your tile call a Chandler Arizona tile restoration service. They can replace your damaged tile with a perfect match.

If tiles are properly maintained they are much less susceptible to damage. Check both your tile and grout to find out if they are properly sealed. To do this pour a small amount of water on the tile and grout and see how quickly it seeps in. If tile and grout absorb the water quickly they will also absorb dirt and stains easily. Kitchen and bathroom tiles may need to be sealed each year to prevent water damage and mold or mildew stained grout.

A professional Chandler tile cleaning service can deep clean any embedded dirt or stains, color or seal your ceramic tile grout, and renew and seal your tile, bringing back its original beauty.

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