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Porcelain Tiles: The Best Choice for Your Mesa Bathroom

Why porcelain tiles are the best choice for your Mesa, Arizona, bathroom

Porcelain Tiles: The Best Choice for Your Mesa Bathroom
Why porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for your Mesa home
Mesa, AZ

Tile flooring is a popular choice for bathrooms for a reason: They are easy to clean, resistant to water damage and look great. Yet among tile, porcelain tile floors are the best. They look beautiful, and they have a number of other benefits that make them a great choice.
Here are just a few reasons why you should choose porcelain tile floors for your Mesa bathroom:

Resistance to Damage

Porcelain tile is very dense because it is made from porcelain clay that is fired in a kiln. It is harder and denser than ceramic, and the density of the tile means that it is resistant to common wear. You won’t get a lot of scratching or scuffs on porcelain tile, so they will maintain their beauty. Scratching can also trap dirt and liquids, leading to hard stains that even professional tile floor cleaning often can’t remove. With porcelain tile, you won’t have to worry about any of it.

Resistance to Water

Thanks to its dense, impervious surface, porcelain tile is also resistant to water. That’s perfect for a bathroom! The tile will not absorb spills from your sink, toilet or shower. Therefore, there is no chance that the water will contribute to mold or mildew growth in the tile or on the grout, creating unsightly stains and unpleasant odors. Porcelain tile also better protects your wood subflooring.

Easy Maintenance

Porcelain tile floors are some of the easiest to clean. You just need to wipe up spills as they happen and then keep the floors swept and mopped. It’s also important to keep the grout sealed. Over time, it can become dirty and stained, detracting from the overall beauty of the floor. Professional tile floor cleaning can help to restore your floors if that happens, but regular maintenance will also help keep them in top shape.

Beautiful Color Options

You can buy porcelain tile in a variety of colors and styles to complement any decor in your Mesa bathroom. What makes porcelain truly exceptional is that it is through bodied. That means that the color runs all the way through the material. You’ll get a deeper, more consistent hue that will cover up hairline fissures and other imperfections in the tile.


Porcelain can be glazed or unglazed. If you choose glazed tiles, you get even more protection. The glaze covers the tile in a protective coating that makes it even more impervious to water, scratching, staining and other damage. Glaze also creates a beautiful look for the tile. It can create even more brilliant hues and a shinier, more spectacular finish.


Mesa Tile & Grout Cleaning Services By Desert Tile
initial investment for porcelain tile floors is a bit more expensive than it is for other floors. However, the overall cost of porcelain tile is much less in the long run. They last a long time, and they don’t damage easily. You will spend much less on replacements, repairs and professional ceramic tile floor cleaning.

Porcelain tile is the perfect choose for your Mesa bathroom — or any other room in your Mesa home. Desert Tile and Grout Care can help you keep your Mesa porcelain tile floors looking beautiful with our professional Mesa tile floor cleaning services. Our experienced professionals provide affordable cleaning services that get the results you want. We can clean your porcelain tile or revitalize the grout between the tile. We’ll make your floors look as good as new, and we’ll keep them looking that way for as long as we are in your service. Call us today to learn how we can help you care for your porcelain tile floors.

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