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Top 5 Popular Types of Tile Flooring in Homes

Tile is by far one of the best choices you can make for the flooring in your home or business, no matter what room you are considering. Tile has a long lifespan, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Regular tile cleaning involves sweeping and a little occasional mopping. If your tile becomes stained or dulled, you can call in a tile cleaning company in Phoenix to refresh it and make it look as good as new.

Top 5 popular types of tile flooring in homes

Tile also comes in all types of styles. You can buy tile that looks like wood, bricks, or other materials, and you can get tile in a range of colors and finishes, including metallics. You may find that your biggest problem with tile flooring is finding a way to decide among all the options.

Here are the top five popular types of tile flooring that Scottsdale homeowners choose:


Ceramic has a beautiful look that many home owners love

Ceramic has a beautiful look that many home owners love. Ceramic is made from a mix of clay and minerals, and it is fired at very high temperatures to create a durable finish. You can glazed tiles that have a glossy finish, or you can get unglazed or “quarry” tiles. The glaze is achieved with a liquid glass coating.

Ceramic tile is affordable, but it is not amongst the most scratch-resistant tile types. You should not use it for high-impact areas like an entrance way or kitchen. However, you could use it in a bedroom or a bathroom for a lovely look.


Porcelain is ceramic and homeowners love it

Porcelain is ceramic, but it is fired at higher temperatures so that it is more durable. Porcelain is not as porous as standard ceramic, so it does not stain as easily and is not vulnerable to water damage. These properties make porcelain a great choice for kitchen or bathroom floors or counter tops.

For additional protection, you can choose porcelain tiles that are treated to be stain- and impact-resistant. Make sure you hire a professional to install the tile instead of attempting to do it yourself. Porcelain requires special installation to ensure longevity.


Cement has come up a lot in recent years, with ceramic flooring taking on a beautiful, polished look. If you don’t have concrete floors and don’t want to install them, you can get similar benefits from cement tile. You’ll pay more than you would for ceramic or porcelain, but you will get hardy floors that can stand up to just about anything you can throw at them (OK, maybe not literally throw at them). You will have to be careful with harsh chemicals around the floors, so maybe don’t put them in bathrooms or kitchens where you might use bleach or other strong cleaners.

Hire a professional who has experience with cement tile. Cement is a relatively new option for tile, so not all installers know how to handle it.


All kinds of stone can be shaped into tile

All kinds of stone can be shaped into tile, including granite, slate, and travertine (which is especially popular in Arizona). Stone has a sophistication to it that will elevate the look of your home. But that sophistication will also come at a price – about on par with what you would pay for cement tile.

A lot of stones can be damaged by prolonged exposure to water and any exposure to harsh cleansers, so choose the stone and the placement of the tile carefully. Stick to the proper cleaning routine, such as damp mopping and sweeping.


Marble is a type of stone

Marble is a type of stone, but it is of a higher quality than most and deserves a separate mention. Marble is a luxury option that can make your home look more impressive. It has a unique look that is instantly recognizable and that really can’t be replicated.

However, marble is a bit tender. You can’t leave water on it (it will leave a mark just like a drink on a wooden table), can’t use harsh cleaners, and must not include it in a high-traffic area. You will need to seal it regularly to protect it.

With so many great tile options, you can easily find something you will love for every room of your home. Then you can enjoy a beautiful new look and low maintenance (for most tile types).

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