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3 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Color Your Grout

Josh Parkhouse informs why Coloring Grout is a great option for your Arizona ceramic tile floor

3 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Color Your Grout
Coloring your grout helps keep that fresh new tile look!
Chandler, Arizona

Tile floors are a perfect choice for Chandler, Arizona homes. They stand up to extreme temperatures, such as are experienced in the summers and winters, and they are resistant to a lot of common damages, such as staining and scratching. They also come in a variety of colors to provide many beautiful looks.

Over time, the grout between the tiles may become dull, dirty or stained, which can make the whole floor look less attractive. Chandler tile grout restoration can involve re-grouting the floor, cleaning it, or coloring it. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Here are just three reasons why you should consider coloring your Chandler grout:

Cover Hard Stains

Regular cleaning can help keep your tile floors looking their best. However, even the best preventive measures cannot prevent the march of time. Eventually, dirt, oil and other debris will cause stains to accumulate. While good tile or ceramic grout cleaning will be able to get out most stains, it can’t always get out all of them.

When you have truly tough stains, coloring the tile floor grout can be the best solution. You can choose the same color or another color, either restoring the floor to look like new or choosing a darker color to reduce the appearance of stains.

Create a New Look

Tile floors offer a beautiful design option for your Chandler, Arizona home. The color and style of the tile are not the only choices that affect your design. The color of the grout can also make a big impact on the look of the room. By coloring the grout, you not only restore the tile, you also change the decor.

You can choose to brighten up the look by using the same color, or you can choose another color altogether. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique choices. You may find something unexpected that you love.

Restore the Grout More Easily

Re-grouting a floor can be a long and tedious process. You don’t apply new grout on top of the old one. You have to remove the old grout with special hardware and then grout the tile like a new floor. You don’t need to go through all these steps for your tile grout restoration. You just need to color the old grout.

Chandler Tile & Grout Cleaning Services By Desert Tile

So long as the grout is not cracking or chipping, simply coloring it will help it look like new. If the grout is coming out, you can repair only those areas and then re-color the whole floor.

Whatever you choose for your tile grout restoration, Desert Tile and Grout Care can help you make your floors look like new again. We can color the grout in your Chandler, Arizona home, or we can discuss a range of other services that may meet your goals, such as ceramic grout cleaning or re-grouting. Our expert technicians can do the job quickly and professionally. You’ll think you have had all new floors installed once you see your new grout.

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