Tips To Preserve & Clean Your Wood-Look Ceramic Tile

Top Tips To Preserve & Properly Clean Your Wood-Look Ceramic Tile


Giving an Extra Care To Your Wood-Look Floor Tile In Arizona

Ceramic tile is one of the best flooring materials because they do not require much maintenance compared to hardwood. Nevertheless, you do still need to maintain your wood-like flooring if you don’t want it to end up opaque and dirty in the long run.
Tile floor cleaning in Scottsdale is not as complicated as you think. You can do this chore with some materials in your kitchen, and to give it extra care, you can contact special services once in a while. The combination of both will make your wood-look ceramic tile look fantastic.
Learn the top tips to clean and preserve your wood-look floor tile by reading the lines below.

Preserving wood-look tile in Arizona

Vacuum Often To Remove Dust & Dirt

You cannot avoid dust and dirt in any room, especially in areas with access to the outdoors. By simply running a vacuum cleaner with an “auto” setting over the tiles you will clean it up very well. This will keep your wood-look tile floors in great condition for many days.
Depending on the depth of your grout lines, you may want to use a broom after the vacuum, but just a couple of days a week.
Use the vacuum at least once every few days to make sure everything’s clean. Also, avoid walking with dirty shoes as it could increase dust on your tile flooring.

Do Not Forget Pet Hair (Or Even Yours)

Tile floors are pet-friendly, so your pets won’t damage your flooring that easily. However, you will still need a Peoria tile floor cleaning service once in a while.
Dogs and cats add much to our lives, but sadly that includes fur. Fur is one of the first things you notice on the floor, so you have to remove it often. High-powered vacuums can help, but they can also spread the pet hair around the room, especially on tile floors.
For easy dry cleanup, you can simply use a rubber broom and remove the pet hair. These brooms have short bristles that attract any type of hair, including pet hair.
Even your hair can look messy on tile flooring. Do not forget to use the rubber broom to clean it up as well.

Damp Your Flooring Weekly

If you vacuum or sweep your tile floors often, you won’t have to do damp cleanups more than a few times a month. Occasional mopping is still necessary to remove grime or difficult dirt that you couldn’t remove when sweeping. To keep your wood-look ceramic tile clean, always use the vacuum or broom first (before mopping). Otherwise, you may create a thin layer of mud.
Avoid using an abrasive cleaner for your floor. Use a pH-balanced cleaner instead, and mix it up with warm water (many Apache Junction ceramic tile floor cleaning companies recommend this solution).
For a smart damp cleanup, dampen your mop softly and remove as much of the solution as possible in a bucket. You don’t need to saturate your floor!.
Move the mop with short and uniform motions, and remember to use microfiber towels to clean up the floor.
To finish, dry the floor with a dry mop.

Do Not Forget About Spot Cleanups

Accidents are inevitable. If you spill a glass of juice, clean the floor immediately. Don’t let the spill lay on the floor for much time. You can easily clean the spot with a soft towel and your trusted balanced cleaner.

Deep Cleaning Only When Necessary

Kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms may need deeper cleaning than other areas in your house. Nonetheless, that deep cleaning should happen only a few days a month.
For a smart deep cleaning, repeat the steps we mentioned previously. Sweep and vacuum first, and after that, mop the floor with your favorite cleaner.
Rinse the mop when you see it dirty, and freshen the water in the bucket if you see it cloudy. After that, go over the floor with a clean mop and warm water. Finally, dry clean the floor with a dry rag.

Contact a Gilbert Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

These tips should help you keep your wood-look ceramic tile clean and shiny, but sometimes that’s not enough. If you think your flooring needs a “refresh”, contact Desert Tile & Grout for a professional tile cleaning service.
We are a local-based company that specializes in offering high-quality tile and grout cleaning services to businesses and homeowners in Arizona. Our team of experts knows how to work with floors of all types, including ceramic tile and grout, brick patios, marble floors, and more. Contact us now to make your floor look amazing once more!
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