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What to Do about Broken or Damaged Floor Tiles

Many Sun City homes feature tile floors because the tile is both beautiful and durable. Most tile surfaces are able to withstand common damages like scratching or staining so long as they are sealed and cleaned regularly. Ceramic tile floors are low maintenance and typically only require a regular sweeping and damp mopping.

What to Do about Broken or Damaged Floor Tiles Occasionally, accidents do happen. You might get in a new armoire for your bedroom and get a little too zealous in shoving it across your tile floors, causing one of the tiles to crack or to become loose. You could drop a heavy pot or pan while you are reaching for one from an overhead rack, causing a chip or crack in your tile.

Leaving these types of damages unrepaired poses a safety hazard. You could stub your toe on a large chip, cutting yourself or even spraining a toe. Loose tiles can cause you to slip and fall. Cracked tiles can invite water and moisture, leading to the spread of mold.

Of course, cracked and broken kitchen tiles also look unsightly. These problems can not only make your home look less inviting, but they can also lower the value of your Sun City home.

Attempting Sun City tile floor restoration yourself can be a messy and complicated process. If you have broken tiles, you have to use special tools to extract the tile from the floor, cutting it out without damaging the tiles around it. You can easily make a mistake that will have you replacing more tiles, spending more money and more time. If you have a tile that is hard to match, this creates an even bigger problem.

If your tile is simply stained and you are attempting your own deep tile cleaning, you will have to use strong, chemical cleaners that can be dangerous to your health. These chemicals can also damage the tile if you don’t know how to use them correctly.

The best thing you can do when your tile floors need attention is to hire a professional to do the work for you. A professional can fix or replace your tile so that the floor looks as good as new. Professionals have the connections and the expertise to find replacement tiles that are identical matches to your existing tile floor. Your guests will never know that your floors were damaged or that any repairs were made.

Professional tile floor restoration also helps you to save money by limiting the risk of damage to other tiles and reducing the time it takes to do the job. Professional services also include tile cleaning that can lift out years of stains on the surface of the tile itself and in the grout lines. A professional company will use the right cleaning solutions to ensure that only dirt is removed without damaging the tile.

Desert Tile and Grout Care can restore the tile floors in your Sun City home to make the space beautiful and inviting while also preserving the value of your home. We have years of experience getting results for Arizona home and business owners, and we work with all kinds of tile. Call us today to learn more about our tile floor restoration services.

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