4 Reasons Your Grout Color Changed & How To Avoid Damage

4 Reasons Your Grout Color Changed & How To Avoid Future Damage

Causes For Grout Discoloration & How To Restore It

Certain things, like grout color, can change over time. Once they do, they look cheap. Of course, you never intended your grout to change color and lose its shine, but sometimes it happens without expecting it.

But, your grout color changed for a reason. It can indicate a serious problem, so you must know what to do quickly. Repairing shower tile grout must be done correctly to avoid future damage. The best way to do it is by contacting a Gilbert ceramic tile & grout cleaning service.

Before contacting the cleaning service, we recommend you to read this article. We’ll discuss four reasons why your grout color changed and how to get it back to its original color to avoid future problems with grout cracks and leaking.

Restoring a discolored grout in Gilbert, AZ

What Causes Grout Discoloration?

Grout is a material used to fill the joints of the masonry. It is predominantly composed of cement, sand, and water. The grout color can be affected by many factors. These are some of them:


For instance, the color changes over time because of sunlight and the quality of grout used. Sun Rays are extremely damaging to many surfaces in your home, and that includes grout.

UV rays contain a strong physical charge that causes gout to discolor over time. It is something very similar to what happens to our skin, which ages prematurely with sun rays. The same thing happens with your grouts, so you must take care of them properly.

Improper Installation

New damage to grout can be caused by inappropriate improper installation too. Grout is an essential part of all tile installations. Tile requires grout joints around the tiles to simplify its union. In other words, grout is the very essence of tile.

Before calling the Peoria tile floor cleaning, ensure that the discoloration is not part of a wrong installation. If tile grout is applied incorrectly, the discoloration can happen faster than expected.

Most installers use epoxy grout to ensure the quality of the product. While it is more expensive than cement-based grout, it holds up better. Another material that can cause discoloration is “pigment”.

This material can wash out when installers don’t do the work correctly. The pigment can shade during hot or dry applications because it is not long-lasting, and it can cause damage to your flooring.

Inappropriate Cleaning Methods

You must avoid over-exposure to chemicals such as chlorine bleach and acids as they can cause permanent damage to the color properties of the grout.

Using inappropriate cleaners is enough reason to change the color of your grout. As we mentioned before, bleach, ammonia, and acidic cleaners can be extremely damaging, and if you have low-quality grout, the damage can be worse. Using a high-quality and neutral cleaning product for grout is the best you can do to clean it when necessary.

We do not recommend DIY methods because they usually discolor or degrade the integrity of the grout. If you think your grout is too dirty, you can contact a Fountain Hills grout cleaning service.

Mold & Stains

A common reason for grout color changes is mold. If there are damp or moist areas in your house, mold can easily develop behind the tiles which will dye the grout. This is why it’s vital to seal the grout properly with products designed for tiling.

When choosing a product, it’s very important not to use anything that has bleach since it can prevent the grout from lasting as long as it should.

Another cause of grout discoloration is letting spills sit for any length of time. This allows the liquid to seep into the grout. Over time, a regular cleaning won’t remove the stain, so your grout will remain discolored.

How To Avoid Future Damage

If you don’t want to worsen the damage, you must take action on time.
Heavy traffic can wear down the seal on the grout in the short term. Therefore, high-traffic areas can be particularly at risk if they are not maintained. Grout discoloration is unavoidable, but you can always try to seal it with the right products.

If you use low-quality grout and grout products, you will have more issues. Plus, you will have to call a Gibert grout cleaning service more often.

Use epoxy grout to make sure your grout remains in good condition for a longer time. By choosing epoxy grout over cement-based grout, you’ve already done a good thing to reduce the risk of grout discoloration.

Restore Your Grout With A High-Rated Service

If you think your tile and grout need a restoration urgently, contact Desert Tile & Grout Care for better help. We are an Arizona-based company that specializes in offering top-quality tile and grout cleaning services to home and business owners throughout the Phoenix Valley. Contact us through our website or by phone to get started.
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