3 Things Pawn Shops Sell to Help Restore Your Floors

3 Things Pawn Shops Sell to Help Restore Your Floors

Pawn shops are treasure troves of useful and desirable items for a fraction of the price of what you pay retail. You can find everything from new guitars to dishwashers at your local pawn store, all reasonably priced. Some Mesa pawn shops even let you pay for things in installments, making these items even more affordable.

3 things pawn shops sell to restore your floors

If you are remodeling your home, you are already shelling out a lot of money for the materials, equipment, and labor. Finding ways to reduce your costs will make the process a little easier, such as doing some of the work yourself or buying some of the materials or equipment at a pawn shop. In particular, you can buy a used tool to restore your floors at a PHX pawn shop. Here are the top three things you should look for:

Floor Polishers and Cleaners

floor polishers and cleanersYou can get down on your hands and knees and scrub your floors to get out the stains and odors that have set in, or you can polish your tile or hardwood by hand to buff out scuffs or to freshen up their look. But doing the work like this will take you hours, and you’ll end up with a sore back and aching muscles. To make matters worse, you’ll likely have inconsistent results on the floors.

You can buy used tile cleaning equipment, floor polishers, steam cleaners, and more from your local pawn store. These are handheld but powerful machines that will work on large sections of the floor very quickly. This equipment is quite costly if you buy it new, but you can save big by buying it at a pawn shop.

Really, you should hire professional floor cleaners to do this work for you, but if you must do the work yourself, buying the equipment from a Scottdale pawn shop is your next best bet.

Power Sanders

clean floorsPerhaps your floors have become damaged or rough over time from wear and tear or from natural degradation. Or perhaps you have moved into a home with floors that need some TLC. You can sand the floors to even out the surface, remove old paint, remove old coatings, or remove stains and dirt. Again, you can do this by hand, but you’ll be at it for hours upon hours, and you’ll wind up sore and cranky.

Buy a power sander from a Mesa pawn shop instead to make quick work of your floors. You can buy small, handheld sanders or large floor sanders. If the pawn store doesn’t have the item you need in stock, you can usually ask a customer service representative to let you know when the store gets it in.

Wet Saws

wet sawsWhen you are polishing and cleaning up your tile floors, you may find that some tiles need to be replaced. Maybe some are indelibly stained, or maybe some are cracked or chipped. You may also need to remove some tiles so you can make repairs the floors below, such as if there was a water leak that promoted rotting in the subfloor.

As you are replacing the tile, you will certainly need to cut some tiles to fit the space. Some may need to have a notch cut out to fit around a cabinet, and others may need to be cut in half to fit the space left from the other tile to the wall. You need a wet saw to do this so you don’t break or crack the tile, and you can buy a used wet saw from a Phoenix pawn shop. But again, this is one of those jobs that you might be better hiring a professional to do. If you have the skills to do the job yourself, go to your local pawn shop to buy the right equipment.

AZ local pawn shopAZ pawn shops are great resources that are often overlooked. They are well-known as places to sell things when you want to make some extra cash, but they are also places to buy quality items at great bargains. If you are remodeling or deep-cleaning your floors, check out your local pawn store for this and other equipment that will help you get better results and finish the work faster.

Pawn Now in Arizona sells this and other equipment you can use to remodel or repair your home. You can save a lot of money by getting professional equipment without having to pay professional prices. We also sell a variety of other home goods, electronics, instruments, tools, and more. Visit us in Arizona to browse our selection and find just what you need on a budget.

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