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Travertine Tile: Great for Mesa Floors — not so Great for Kitchen Countertops

Travertine Tile Is Great For Your Mesa Floors!

Travertine Tile: Great for Mesa Floors — not so Great for Kitchen Countertops
Here’s what you need to know about travertine tile for your Mesa home!
Mesa, Arizona

Tile is a popular choice for your Mesa, AZ, home because it can withstand the temperature extremes that are so common during the summer, and it is easy to keep clean of the desert sand.

Travertine tile floors are a great choice for your home because it has a natural beauty and would look great in any room. Yet some of its features mean that it’s not such a great choice for other areas of your home, such as your kitchen countertops.

Here’s what you need to know about travertine tile for your Mesa home:

Gorgeous, Natural Look

Travertine is similar in look to marble and similar in structure to limestone. It has a natural, rustic look that comes in a variety of colors including brown, beige, ivory and gold. The variation in color is the result of the iron content in the stone.

Travertine is popular in places like Italy, and it creates a sophisticated and beautiful look. More variety is available in the finish, which can include brushed, tumbled, polished and matte. You’ll create a unique yet gorgeous look for your home with Travertine floors.

Easy to Cut and Place

Travertine is a soft and porous material, which makes it easy to cut. If you have a room with an odd shape or angles, it will be easier to install travertine tile. You can fit travertine around fireplaces, in reading nooks, and more. You can also more easily create patterns in your tile floors other than a simple grid.

Environmentally Friendly

Because travertine is a naturally occurring stone, it is also environmentally friendly. It does not have to be treated during the production process. Part of what lends to its beauty is its natural state. You can feel good about the look of your tile floors and what you are doing for the environment when you choose travertine tile floors.

Disadvantages for Countertops

Though travertine has many advantages for flooring, some of its properties make it a poor choice for kitchen countertops. For example, because travertine is so porous, it absorbs water quite easily. Even small amounts of water can cause a chemical reaction in the stone that can lead to staining.

Travertine is especially vulnerable to substances like alcohol, acid, vinegar and oils. These liquids can cause irreparable damage to the stone thanks to the chemical reactions they cause. Try preparing food in your kitchen without getting one of these liquids on the counter.

Sealing your travertine tile can help prevent staining and scratching, but it doesn’t create a force field. You’ll still need to take care with your tile to protect it from damage. You’ll also need to seal your tile twice a year and to buff out surface scratches as they occur.

Desert Tile and Grout Care offers travertine tile floor cleaning in Mesa to keep your floors looking beautiful for a long time to come. We can seal your floors, buff out any surface imperfections, and clean the grout so that it looks as good as the day you had it installed. Call us today to get the travertine tile floor cleaning your Mesa, AZ home needs.

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