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Great Tips on Getting Your Queen Creek Patio Tile Ready for Summer

Great Tips on Getting Your Queen Creek Tile Ready for Summer

Great Tips on Getting Your Queen Creek Patio Tile Ready for Summer

Here are some great tips for getting your Queen Creek patio (tile) ready for the sunny time of year!
Queen Creek, Arizona

In Arizona, spring and summer come much earlier than in other parts of the country. While the majority of the U.S is still in the grip of winter weather and rainy days, Queen Creek residents can already frolic outside and enjoy beautiful sunshine and warm spring days. To ensure that you and your family are able to make the most of the sunny season, it is essential that your patio tile is in top shape.

Here are some great tips for getting your patio (tile) ready for the sunny time of year:

Clean Those Tiles

Even a winter in Queen Creek, AZ can leave your tile dirty and shabby looking. If you are lucky enough that your tile is not too cracked or chipped, you may get away with simply giving it a good cleaning. Or, even better, hire a professional Queen Creek tile cleaning company to ensure that the dirt that penetrates the porous surface of your tile gets removed completely.

An experienced stone and tile cleaning contractor can also clean and restore your patio grout. Leaves laying on the ground, the cold nights along with excess moisture can cause grout to deteriorate, allow dirt to seep in which makes it ineffective and unsightly. Desert Tile and Grout Care can breathe new life in aging grout. Maybe you are even ready for a change and would like to try some colored grout for a unique pop of color after the drab Arizona winter season?

Get New Tiles

If your tile patio has been around for a while, chances are it is starting to look dated and tired. Nothing freshens up the look of your dowdy patio like a new tile job.

Ditch your routine of only replacing cracked or broken tiles and retile the entire patio for a fresh and updated look. You may even want to switch out garden accent tiles to create a cohesive and seamless look. If you are worried about your tile showing dirt easily, consider going with a darker colored tile. But don’t be afraid to express your unique style. For great ideas on what kind of tiles to use, you can check out our blog on up and coming tile trends. We are sure you will find the tile to suit your patio’s needs and to match your decorating style.

Some Style Ideas

Natural Stones such as travertine are fantastic options for your garden and patio, because they give your garden an organic feel that matches the Sonoran landscape of the area. Travertine also gets bonus points for being cool to the touch, which is a definite bonus if you live in Queen Creek or surrounding communities.

By combining different shades of travertine or stone tile you are able to create a visually stunning walkway that will leave your guests wowed.

Get creative. How about creating some nice mosaic with some rustic looking or Mexican tile to make your Queen Creek patio unique? Stray away from what you know about patio tile and embrace the many new possibilities available to you.

Glass tile is another great option to add sparkle to patio, use it as accents or for the entire floor area and catch the rays of the sun and make the patio look like a million bucks.

Look-alike. Lookalike tile is a great option not only for inside the house, but your patio as well. Instead of getting stuck scrubbing or power washing that old wooden deck, place tile that looks like wood, but isn’t. Likewise there are tiles that look like marble or anything else you desire.

Queen Creek Tile Cleaning Services

Tile the BBQ

There is no reason why your BBQ or outdoor kitchen cannot be just as stylish as your inside kitchen. Consider updating that old block of concrete with some natural stone tile and a marble countertop. Your summer soirees will be so much more fun and memorable if you dole out some serious style. Plus, it is so much easier to clean that that stucco contraption you have been dealing with up until now. And if the dirt gets too much for you to handle, your Queen Creek professional tile cleaners can help you to deep clean it, as well.

Don’t Have a Tile Patio?

You need to get one. Send the old splintering, mossy wooden deck packing and make your life easier and your patio prettier by getting a tile patio. You can easily do this on your own (if you are a bit handy) or hire a contractor to do it.

While a tile patio may cost you a bit more upfront than a wooden one, the fact that it lasts longer, looks better and needs to be replaced less frequently makes it definitely worth it. And it if it ever gets dingy or dirty you can hire an affordable Queen Creek tile cleaning business to bring out its sparkle again.

Show Your Existing Tile Some Love

If you have a Queen Creek tile patio that is still in good shape, give it a deep clean and then seal it (or have it sealed ) to withstand the demands of the summer months and future parties and the family gatherings that are sure to come. Desert Tile and Grout Car can even seal the grout for you, making it more impenetrable to dirt and increase its longevity.

What are you waiting for? Get outside and get your patio summer ready. If you need assistance with cleaning your existing tile patio (or tile in general) contact the professional tile and grout experts at Desert Tile and Grout Care. Contact us today to learn more about our tile rejuvenating services for travertine, ceramic tiles, stone, and mexican tile.

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