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The Top Trends in Paradise Valley Tile Flooring for 2016

Tile flooring is durable and easy to maintain and Paradise Valley residents tend to live with the same tiles for years. Removing old tile and replacing it can be a messy process and deters many homeowners from replacing outdated and shabby tiles in their homes. 2016, however, brings many new exciting trends in tile flooring and wall coverings that just may change your mind.

The Top Trends in Paradise Valley Tile Flooring for 2016

The Top Trends in Paradise Valley Tile Flooring for 2016

When it’s time for a change new tile floors can make a big impact! Keep them in top condition with regular maintenance and professional cleaning services from tile and grout cleaning professionals
Paradise Valley, Arizona

Here are the current top trends in tile flooring and wall covering:


Chevron is the top trend in tiles this year. While it was a big hit with the fashion industry only a few years ago, it has recently taken a hold of the tile industry. No matter if you enjoy porcelain tile floors or brick on walls, chevron is the way to go.

The inverted V pattern is available in many different sizes and looks. For your kitchen or bathroom backsplash you may opt for smallish tiles made of porcelain or slate tile, while your floor may look fantastic with larger, faux wood chevron tiles. Chevron patterns are actually nothing new, but have been around for centuries. The big benefit of this pattern is that it is unique enough to make for a fantastic eye catcher if used properly and sparingly, but it is also classical enough to never go out of style, which means you will enjoy your Paradise Valley chevron tile floors or shower wall for years to come.


The organic rustic look of brick has been a top contender in the home design industry for several years and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Brick walls feel cozy and authentic.

To ensure that you will find the brick to match your personal taste level and style, brick tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colors. From traditional brick variations to more fragile and clean looking marble brick tiles, and anything in between. Their popularity can be traced back to their versatility as they can be used on floors, pathways, fireplaces, steps and more. In addition, they look great for years, because they age well and they are fire resistant as well.

Brick is this year’s all-rounder.

50 Shades of Gray

While gray has become the new black of the fashion industry, it has always been synonymous with modern home design. Somehow gray tiles pull it off to look modern and traditional and the same time, which makes them versatile. What makes gray tiles so unique this year is that they come in a multitude of terrific variations which include a play with textures, or metallics. Nothing says glam like gray metallic tiles that sparkle when they are hit my light. If they are cared for properly.

Small metallic tiles or mosaics look fantastic in smaller applications such as a kitchen backsplash or in your bathroom.

If you enjoy the gentler side of gray, you should look into grey tiles that have a textured appearance and even come in nature patterns which make a fantastic juxtaposition to the grey tile feel. Gray tiles will always look great because they are timeless and soothing. If they could use some TLC contact your affordable Paradise Valley tile cleaning professional.

Bigger is Better

The last decades have all been about getting smaller, minimizing and downsizing and 2016 is the year, when we finally go big and bold again. Supersized tile is all the rage, if you have ample space to accommodate it.

By using large tiles, you achieve a contemporary and clean look in your home. Bonus points for having less grout lines that can get gunky and need to be cleaned and restored on a regular basis. Large tiles can be used for walls, and flooring. Tiles are getting bigger and so far, there is no end in sight.

Lookalike Tile

Wood look tile has been a breakout star in 2015 and its popularity is still growing. Ceramic tile that looks like wood gives home and business owners the best of two worlds; the rustic and warm look of wood, and the easy maintenance of tile flooring. Of course, once in awhile your Paradise Valley floor tile and grout will have to be cleaned by a professional tile cleaning expert to ensure it remains clean and lasts longer. Many people are under the impression that you can maintain properly clean floors by cleaning them on your own. But only tile professionals have the tools and the knowledge to get even the deepest dirt out of your tile, and your grout, which is even harder.

Cement looking tile is also up and coming among the lookalike tile designs. It is a fantastic option for modern living spaces as it looks industrial and is easy to clean and match with all your home decor. But don’t worry, your tile will not have to look like a concrete slab, instead it comes in a variation of soft grey hues and many different shapes and sizes ranging from hexagons to mosaics.

Structure and Shape

Have you ever considered 3 D tiles for your walls? Italian designers have developed new technologies in creating tiles that look folded and apex shaped which make this look possible. It is probably not suitable for everybody, but a very interesting and promising departure from regular wall tiles. If you enjoy modern designs and sculpted looks, this trend is for your. If you are not sure, you may want to try it in a smaller area to experience the mesmerizing look.

But it doesn’t have to be 3D, hexagons, circles and other non-traditional tile shapes are on the rise as well. Fragments are being used to give floors and walls a unique look and allow light to reflect of them in a kaleidoscopic fashion. This trend looks especially dramatic if it is contrasted with simpler components or a unique focal point.

These are only a few of the most popular tile trends that are going to find their way into Paradise Valley homes this year. While it is time to try something new, you should work with an experienced tile and grout cleaning company to ensure that your tiles look marvelous year after year. Nothing looks sadder than formerly stunning tile that has gone sad.

Desert Tile and Grout Care has years of experience in providing professional tile cleaning services for ceramic and Mexican tile, but also bricks, stones and any of the new tile trends we are seeing this year. To learn more about our services or to schedule a tile cleaning, contact us today.

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