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Make that old tile look like new again! Professional cleaning and color sealing of ceramic and porcelain tile and grout. Your imagination is the limit! Recolor your grout for consistency or to match the decor of your choice! Wide range of colors available – protective seal applied with color.

Cleaning and Sealing Ceramic Tile and Grout

Cleaning Ceramic Tile

The Spanish style homes popular in Arizona often contain an abundance of tile. Ceramic tile is both beautiful and durable; it can last as long as your home, but it isnt completely maintenance free. Dirt adheres easily to the surface, especially styles with textured surfaces. Eventually this dirt that collects in the tile will dull and discolor it, leaving it looking old and dirty. Tile requires periodic deep cleaning and maintenance to eliminate deeply penetrated dirt and stains, and there is no better tile cleaning service in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Sun City, or the Phoenix Metro area than Desert Tile and Grout.
Professional Cleaning and Color Sealing of Ceramic Tile and Grout

Sealing Ceramic Tile Grout

Ceramic tile grout is much more vulnerable to problems than the tile itself. Unsealed grout is basically sand and a small amount of cement, leaving it susceptible to all sorts of stains. Any spill will be quickly absorbed and can leave behind a permanent stain. Tracked in dirt can also leave behind stains. Bathroom ceramic tile grout, whether on the floor or the walls, is prone to collecting mildew and mold.

What can be done?

Professional cleaning and color sealing of your Mesa ceramic tile and grout can bring back its original beauty and help to keep it that way. If your grout is discolored and stained or, if you wish to change the color of your grout, it can be cleaned, colored, and sealed. A new color grout can give the appearance of a whole new floor. Furthermore, color sealing will prevent moisture, dirt and grime from being absorbed into the grout. All grout is porous and should be sealed. The ceramic tile itself generally does not need to be sealed as most ceramic tiles available today have matte, shine free finishes, yet they are in fact glazed and will not accept a sealer. A Mesa ceramic tile floor is a gorgeous addition to any room, giving it a look of luxury that is hard to match with any other type of flooring, and once the grout is sealed it is fairly maintenance free. It should only need an occasional damp mopping with a neutral cleaner to retain its beauty.
Before Ceramic Cleaning in the Living Room, Arizona Before
After Ceramic Cleaning in the Living Room, Arizona After
Before Ceramic Sealing and Cleaning in the Kitchen Before
After Ceramic Sealing and Cleaning in the Kitchen After
Ceramic Grout Cleaning Before Before
Ceramic Grout Cleaning After After
Before Cleaning Ceramic Tile in the Workshop Before
After Cleaning Ceramic Tile in the Workshop After
Ceramic Grout Cleaning before Before
Ceramic Grout Cleaning after After
Floor Grout Before Before
Floor Grout After After
Dirty Mesa, Arizona Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor Needs Cleaning Before
Ceramic Tile Floor after professional ceramic restoration services in Mesa, Arizona After
A shower in Tempe Arizona before being cleaned and renewed by Desert Tile and Grout Care Before
A shower in Tempe AZ after cleaning by Desert Tile and Grout Care After
A dirty kitchen floor of ceramic tile in Mesa, Arizona, before quality cleaning service by Desert Tile & Grout Care Before
Flooring in Mesa AZ after having the ceramic cleaned by Desert Tile and Grout Care After
A Phoenix AZ dirty ceramic tiled floor before grout cleaning service Before
Tiling after being cleaned by Desert Tile and Grout Care in Phoenix Arizona After
Dirty white ceramic tiled floor in Mesa Arizona prior to professional cleaning services Before
This brand-new looking tiled floor in Mesa Arizona is actually old flooring cleaned by our Grout and Tile Care service After
This is tile floor in Chandler Arizona before cleaning services shows grimy, dirty grout Before
After Desert Tile & Grout cleaned this floor's grout, it is white and clean After
The grout of this ceramic tiled floor is a mottled color Before
Desert Tile and Grout restored this ceramic tile floor back to its original state, including the white grout around it in Mesa Arizona After
The dark brown grout in this tile floor in Gilbert Arizona is actually supposed to be white in color Before
This ceramic tile kitchen floor has been restored to looking brand new by cleaning services by Desert Tile and Grout Care After
Flooring prior to cleaning in Mesa AZ with different colored grout due to ineffective cleaning methods Before
Ceramic tile floor in Mesa Arizona after being cleaned with both the tile and grout looking good as new After
Ceramic tile and grout floor before Desert Tile & Grout Care cleaning services in Arizona Before
Newly clean ceramic tile floor after tile cleaning services by Desert Tile and Grout Care After
Dirty tiles and grout prior to Arizona professional tile cleaning services Before
This new-looking kitchen in Mesa Arizona was actually just cleaned by Desert Tile and Grout After
Ceramic tile floor in need of expert deep cleaning tile services Before
newly restored ceramic tile floor after desert tile and grout care services After

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