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The Advantages of Ceramic Tile

August 9, 2013Mesa, Arizona


There is no argument here; ceramic tile is always a stunning addition to any area. It is available in countless styles, colors and finishes. You’ll have no problem finding just the right one to compliment any décor. There is a tile option for nearly every purpose, and the only limitation is your imagination. Ceramic tile’s adaptability is remarkable, and in warmer climates like Mesa Arizona it’s not unusual for tile floors to be used throughout the house to help keep it cool. It is also frequently used in outdoor rooms that are so popular here in Mesa. But floors are not the only use for ceramic tile; it is a wonderful addition to walls, countertops, and backsplashes. Due to the variety of sizes of ceramic tiles available, it offers great flexibility in design. Tiles can be purchased from 6 x 6 inches all the way up to 24 x 24 inches. In this way it can be used for more decorative purposes, such as framing a fireplace and hearth, or to create a mural.


Expert Ceramic Tile Cleaning Services With Desert Tile and Grout

The Advantages of Ceramic Tile

Expert Mesa Ceramic Tile Cleaning Services With Desert Tile and Grout
Mesa, Arizona

Ceramic tiles are extremely durable, especially in comparison to other wall, counter and floor coverings. It is often chosen for entryways and other high traffic areas due to its durability and resistance to staining, wear, and abrasion. For this reason ceramic floor tiles are frequently used at busy commercial locations.

Furthermore, ceramic tiles are impervious to moisture, making them perfect for use in bathrooms, showers, and around pools. In fact, ceramic wall tiles are the most popular choice for bathrooms today. Ceramic tiles to be used in wet areas can be treated either by adding texture to the surface such as ribs or an orange peel finish, or by adding grit to the glazed finish. Tile flooring is available with an anti-slip rating.

Ceramic tiles in Mesa are fireproof and frost resistant, even for outdoor applications. If a ceramic tile floor has been properly installed it will not break or warp due to extreme temperatures. Ceramic tiles are also resistant to damage from chemicals and from fading due to the powerful Mesa Arizona sun.
Though ceramic tile is extremely durable, there is the possibility of a tile breaking or cracking. For this reason it is wise to hold on to any tile left over from your installation to use for any repair needs. That way if a breakage does occur you can have the broken tile removed and replaced.

Ease of Maintenance

While no floor is completely maintenance free, ceramic tile comes pretty close. If your grout has been properly sealed, basically all that’s involved in cleaning a Mesa ceramic tile floor is sweeping and then mopping with a neutral cleaner.

Professional Cleaning and Color Sealing of Ceramic Tile and Grout

Over the years though, dirt can settle into the tile, especially if it is textured. This can leave it looking dingy and discolored. In addition, over time the sealant can begin to wear away from the grout leaving it vulnerable to stains or mildew. A professional Mesa tile cleaning service can eliminate deeply penetrated dirt and stains. You can bring back the original beauty of your ceramic tile with a professional tile cleaning service. Furthermore, if your grout is stained it can be cleaned and color sealed by the tile cleaning company, to give your floor a whole new look while sealing your grout from any further damage.

Cost Effectiveness and Home Value

While ceramic tile is popular for all of the above reasons, dollar for dollar, it is one of the most cost effective floorings. Although the initial cost may be slightly higher, if kept properly sealed, ceramic tile can last the lifetime of your home. Compared to other materials that require more upkeep and must be replaced regularly, ceramic tile comes in as the best value.

Adding ceramic tile to your home will increase its appeal and value immensely. Should you choose to sell your home, prospective buyers will certainly appreciate the good looks and value of well installed and designed ceramic tile.

Anyplace is a good place for ceramic tile, whether public or private, indoors or outdoors, floors, walls or countertops. It is long lasting, versatile and cost effective. And due to the endless array of designs, colors and finishes available, there is almost certainly a tile that will suit the décor of any home.

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