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Mesa Tile and Grout Myths Debunked

Mesa Tile and Grout Myths Debunked

Mesa Tile and Grout Myths Debunked!

Here is some information to bust through the myths about tile and grout cleaning!
Mesa, Arizona

Mesa tile floors are pretty easy to maintain, but certain myths continue to circulate around their care. Some say to mop every day and you’ll be fine, but others say to scrub them with bleach to really get them sparkling. What’s the truth about proper tile care for your Mesa home?
The truth about tile

Use this information to bust through the myths about tile and grout cleaning, and then invest in professional tile floor cleaning for the heavy-duty jobs:

Myth: Tile Breaks Easily

If you held a piece of tile in the air and dropped it, the chances are good that it would crack or break. But just walking on tile or even moving furniture on tile is unlikely to crack or break it. You’d have to drop a heavy, cast-iron pan from the top of your refrigerator or something similar to make that kind of damage. Tile is actually very durable and resistant to damage.

Myth: You Should Use Bleach or Acid-Based Cleaners

Bleach will disinfect your floors and brighten up the grout, but it will also erode the surface of the tile and make the grout weak and brittle. Acid-based cleaners will do the same, and both will emit toxic fumes in the small and closed space. If you use the cleaners on tile countertops or shower basins, they can also tarnish the stainless steel faucets, drains and other accessories.

Myth: You Should Scrub Tile with a Wire Brush

Many use a stiff, wire brush for tile and grout cleaning, especially when there are heavy stains. Yet a wire brush can damage the grout and even scratch the tile. You should use a soft- to medium-bristled brush to clean your tile. For more serious stains, you should invest in professional Mesa tile floor cleaning.

Myth: Sealing Eliminates the Need for Further Maintenance

Sealing your grout will protect it from dirt and stains. Many people think that means they never have to clean the grout again. Yet sealant will wear away over time, and leaving dirt and other debris on the surface will help the sealant to wear away faster. You should not only keep your tile floors clean, but should also re-seal the grout every six months or so.

Myth: You Just Need to Mop to Keep Your Floors Clean

Yes, you should mop your tile to keep it clean, but you also need to follow it up with thorough drying. Use a wet vac or go back over the floor with a dry mop or towels. Otherwise, the water will pool in the grout lines, contributing to staining and the breakdown of the grout. A Mesa grout cleaning professional can clean the grout with ease and without damaging it.

Desert Tile and Grout Care can answers all your questions about tile floor cleaning and help you keep your floors looking great. When your floors have become dingy and stained, our professional tile floor cleaning services can restore them to their original beauty. You can save money on re-grouting or replacing the tile. Maintain your floors with regular tile and grout cleaning, and call us for periodic professional cleaning to get out the more serious stains.

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