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How to Avoid Health Code Fines with a Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Owning a business requires a lot of intensive care and patiences, as well as a thorough understanding of how to prioritize tasks. For this reason, sometimes your flooring can be put on the back burner time and time again as something that doesn’t need to be looked after. But for certain business such as retail locations and restaurants, maintaining the appearance of your floors is just as important as all of the other details, and if you fail to do so, you could be fine, lose business, and any number of other repercussions that could result in lost revenue.

Here are a few benefits of a commercial tile and grout cleaning and sealing:

Commercial Floor

Eliminate Grease

Restaurants are held to extremely high standards, as they should be. We trust restaurant owners to maintain a clean and healthy workspace in which to prepare our food, and without stringent guidelines, it could affect the health of many.

A typical problem among restaurants is the buildup of grease. This is an unavoidable side effect of running a restaurant and it can lead to many other issues such as attracting rats, flies, and other vermin. It can create a serious health hazard and will eventually lead to extravagant fines. Not only is it unsanitary, but because of its slick nature when combined with water, copious amounts of grease on your floors can lead to a slipping hazard that could give you added safety fines on top of health code violations. To avoid this buildup and clean it up once it does build up is to use a degreaser, but this may not be enough on its own. A deep, thorough cleaning from your local Mesa commercial tile cleaners is the best way to go to ensure that the grease has been broken down and removed properly.

Use Good Cleaners

You may think any type of cleaner will work for your floor, but not all of them will properly clean it without damaging it beyond repair. You can’t just use any type of generic cleaner without there being consequences. Degreasers are a great option for restaurant floors, but they often contain strong chemicals that might not be so helpful for a restaurant environment if you use them too often. Once you use the degreaser, you should have your tile and grout professionally sealed to prevent further buildup so that you can alternate using less aggressive and harmful cleaners.

Keep Grout in Good Condition

In the kitchen, damaged grout lines can often be hidden by layers of grease and grime and only reveal themselves when the grout is cleaned. Having damaged grout can lead to more problems, as grease can deposit in the cracks and hide the missing grout. This can make it even more difficult to remove the grease from your grout and lead to more health and safety hazards. With a professional commercial tile and grout cleaning in Mesa, maintaining the integrity of your grout is much easier and can allow you to keep your grout in the best condition possible.

Another high traffic area that might require some TLC for your grout is the restroom. The moisture and frequent foot traffic in bathrooms can great a great environment for mold and mildew to grow, and that’s the last thing you want in your restaurant.

Seal Tile & Grout

The best way to prevent grease build up or make it easier to clean the grease from your tile and grout is to have it sealed by a top rated Mesa commercial tile and grout sealing company. Sealing tile and grout makes it both water and oil resistant, preventing grease from settling on the surface. Maintaining cleanliness for your floors is beneficial for both health and safety standards for your restaurant.

When you need a top rated tile and grout cleaner in Mesa, contact Desert Tile & Grout Care, where can help restore and maintain the cleanliness and durability of your commercial tile. Desert Tile & Grout Care is a five star rated Mesa tile and grout sealing company that is trained to work on floors of all types. Trust our tile cleaners to help keep your restaurant floors intact and avoid unnecessary fines and penalties. Contact us today for more information.

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