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Should All Tile Grout Be Sealed?

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Desert Tile & Grout Care answers whether all tile grout should be sealed in Arizona homes

Desert Tile & Grout Care provides expertise in all stages of cleaning, sealing, and recoloring tile and grout. Today, we have a question. Should all grout be sealed? And the answer is, with the exception of grout that is 100% epoxy, all grout is porous and should be sealed.

In most cases, unless the grout is sealed, it will absorb dirt, grime, and stains and even regular mopping will not solve the problem. In fact, mopping will only add to the problem. Conventional cleaning methods will generally not restore grout back to its original color or satisfactory condition. If the Phoenix grout is discolored and stained or if you wish to change the color of your grout, it can be fully restored with color sealing. This process will prevent moisture, dirt and grime from being absorbed into the grout. No more unsightly stains, mold or mildew.”


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Posted: January 2, 2014
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