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3 Reasons Tile is better for Your Chandler Kitchen than Carpet or Wood

Reasons a Tile floor is better for Your Chandler, Arizona, Kitchen than Carpet or Wood floors

Reasons Tile is better for Your Kitchen than Carpet or Wood
Ceramic tile or Saltillo tile are the first choice for kitchen flooring over carpet and wood.
Chandler, Arizona

Arizona ceramic tile floors or Saltillo tile floors are the first choice for kitchen flooring in Chandler AZ. Other popular choices include marble and stone floors. Most Chandler AZ residents shy away from carpet or wood flooring for numerous reasons.

1. Moisture

Anytime wood flooring is used in the kitchen moisture damage is always a concern. Water is the number one enemy of wood flooring, and water is always being used (and often spilled) in the kitchen. Furthermore, no matter how careful you are with drips and spills, eventually there comes an unforeseen plumbing emergency. In that situation the best case scenario is that the floor will warp and discolor, while the worst case is that it will mold and rot.

2. Cleanliness

Carpeting is seldom, if ever recommended for kitchens. Restaurants are required to use tile floors for sanitary purposes. Every spill soaks deep beneath the surface of a carpet and even though you do your best to clean it up the carpet will retain bacteria beneath the surface. If you ask the opinion of anyone that has ever had carpeting in their kitchen chances are they will tell you how much they disliked

3. Appearance

Professional Cleaning and Color Sealing of Ceramic Tile and Grout

Food that is dropped or spilled on carpeting often leaves behind stains. In addition, over time grease will accumulate on the surface of the carpet and then attract and hold dirt and grime of all sorts. Although wood floors in the kitchen are more sanitary than carpeting, they are more easily scratched than tile and as previously stated are definitely prone to water damage. Tile floors are a natural choice for the kitchen.

When properly sealed, tile floors are completely hygienic and spills wipe up easily. Ceramic tile along with marble and stone floors are among the most durable flooring materials available today. Saltillo tile home flooring, which originated in Mexico are another popular choice in Chandler AZ kitchens as they fit in perfectly with the Southwest motif. Whatever tile you choose for your Chandler AZ kitchen it will be a striking addition.

Along with floors, tile can also be used on countertops and back splashes. Have some fun by creating mosaics with ceramic tile. It’s easy to clean and stands up well to water. With proper care, kitchen tile can last the lifetime of your home. Generally speaking, tile only requires sweeping and an occasional damp mopping with a neutral cleaner. On occasions when it begins to look dingy or the grout become stained a Chandler Arizona tile cleaning service can restore the original luster.

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