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Budgeting Your Phoenix Tile Restoration Project

How To Budget For Your Phoenix, Arizona, Tile Restoration Home ProjectTile is widely used in both homes and commercial properties in Phoenix Arizona. Though tile beautifies where ever its used, it is extremely popular in the Southwest décor that is so abundant in Phoenix. Another reason residents of the Valley of the Sun prefer tile is that it stays cooler to the touch than most other types of floor covering and can help lower cooling costs.

When budgeting for a new structure, tile may seem more costly than some other types of floor covering, but when you factor in the cooling properties and durability of tile it can be less costly in the long run. With proper care tile can last throughout the lifetime of your home.

Obviously there are dozens of different types of tile, some requiring much different care than others. Basically, if you allow room in your home budget to have your tile deep cleaned 3-4 times a year and resealed when necessary, its beauty will last a very long time.

Over the years you may run into some issues with any type of tiles. Tiles can crack, chip, or come unglued. Tiles can also become dingy and stained, especially the grout.

Before you decide to replace your tile floor with something new, consider how much easier tile restoration will be on your Phoenix home budget.

If you choose tile restoration you can attempt some do it yourself repairs. To replace cracked tiles you will need; work gloves and eye protection along with a hammer, chisel, grout saw, and a pry bar. Cover any sinks, tubs or countertops that you will be working over to prevent debris from scratching these surfaces.

Using the hammer, chisel and pry bar, attempt to remove the damaged tile without damaging the backing underneath or any surrounding tile or drywall. If your tile was not broken due to an accident, see if you can find the cause of the damage, such as a water leak or a problem with the subfloor. If you find any such problems they should be repaired before replacing the tiles so that the new tiles are not likewise damaged.

If you are successful in removing the damaged tile, check the thickness and fit of the replacement tile in the opening. If you are satisfied with the fit, apply a layer of tile adhesive to the back of the tile and then press the tile into place. Once the new tile is in place, cover it with tape to hold it in position. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions. After the adhesive has dried sufficiently you will need to
replace the grout.

Often by the time you purchase the tools and supplies that you will need, search high and low for matching tile, and consider the time and effort involved in doing something you are unfamiliar with, along with possible costly mistakes, you will find it’s better for your home budget to consult a professional tile restoration service.

Generally the same tile cleaning service that deep cleans and re-seals your tiles over the years can do a very fast and professional job of repairing and restoring any damaged tiles. They can often make the new tiles match the existing tiles so closely that you will not be able to tell which ones have been replaced. Additionally they can reseal all of your tiles, color seal your grout and restore the shine your tile had when it was new, and it can
all be done within your budget.

Tiles can be used inside on walls, countertops, shower stalls and murals as well as floors. Tiles, stone and brick are equally at home outdoors and can be maintained and restored in the same way as indoor tiles.

In the end, budgeting for tile restoration can bring a great payoff in comfort, beauty, curb appeal and resale value.

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