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New Years Resolution: Restoring Your Chandler Tile Floor
to Its Natural Beauty

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Whether tile is used on floors, walls, showers, or kitchen countertops and backsplashes it’s a trend that’s here to stay in Chandler Arizona. Tile owes its popularity to several traits including its beauty, variety and durability. With proper Chandler AZ tile cleaning and care your tile can last as long as your home. Tile is also more sanitary than carpet as carpets have been proven to hold all sorts of bacteria no matter how much you clean.

In Chandler, AZ, residents have come to love the endless variety available in tile types, colors, and uses. Probably the most traditional use of tiles would be on floors.

Desert Tile & Grout Care can help restore your Chandler, Arizona home's marble and stone floors!

Tile floors are an excellent choice for areas which need to be durable and easy to clean, such as the entry way, kitchen, or bathroom indoors, along with the pool and patio areas outdoors. For a unique look to your tile floor try adding a pattern or mosaic.

Another reason for tile’s popularity in Chandler is its cooling properties. Tile and stone retain very little heat. When used correctly, in conjunction shading and insulation, tiles can help save on cooling costs during the summer.

Furthermore tile’s durability can’t be beat. Although tile is low maintenance, it does require proper care to keep it looking its best, and different types of tiles can require different care.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are fairly resistant to stains due to their nature. These are man-made tiles that are fired at a high heat and then sealed with a glaze.

Porcelain and ceramic floors can be maintained by vacuuming daily to remove surface debris and dirt. Additionally they should be mopped weekly with a neutral cleaner. Over time, as the glaze begins to wear down your tiles may begin to show stains or look dingy.

When this happens we recommend that you call our Chandler tile cleaning service. Desert Tile and Grout Care will deep clean your tiles and provide any needed tile restoration.

Stone tile is another durable and easy care option. Though most different types of stone can be cared for in similar ways, there are some differences.

Marble floors are desirable for their striking beauty and dramatic appearance, but marble is softer and more porous than some other stones, making it vulnerable to scratching, staining and etching. The best way to prevent these issues is to treat marble surfaces with a protective sealer after deep cleaning to remove any embedded stains.

Video: Marble and Stone Floor Cleaning Services By Desert Tile and Grout Care

Marble and Stone Floor Cleaning Services By Desert Tile and Grout Care

Chandler tile restoration may also be needed to remove scratches, cracks and etching. After tile cleaning, restoration and renewal the beauty of your marble floors can be maintained by daily use of a dust mop and a weekly damp mopping. Vacuuming is not recommended as it can scratch the marble.

Granite tiles are more low maintenance than marble tiles. Granite is a harder stone that doesn’t crack, scratch or etch as easily as marble, making it perfect for a high traffic area.

But like any tile, granite will occasionally require deep cleaning, polishing, sealing and tile restoration.

While tile floors can last a lifetime, the grout in between the tiles is another story.

Many people wrongly assume that they need new flooring when it’s the grout that is detracting from the beauty of the floor. Grout is a mixture of sand and cement that if left unsealed is exceedingly porous. Dirt, spills, mold and mildew are easily absorbed into the grout leaving it permanently stained. Mopping is not an effective means of grout cleaning since mop water will only be absorbed into the grout causing dirt to penetrate even more deeply.

Desert Tile and Grout Care offers professional ceramic tile and grout cleaning along with color sealing, to renew the look of your grout and to create an impenetrable barrier against dirt and liquids. Grout cleaning along with color sealing and tile restoration can give the look of a brand new floor.

Desert Tile and Grout Care is a family owned business that is licensed and insured with a great track record in customer care and satisfaction. We are experienced in cleaning, colorizing, sealing, repairing, restoring, and renewing all types of tile and grout as well as brick and flagstone. today!

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