4 Ways to Avoid Health Code Penalties with Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Your health code rating is critical. Not only does it determine whether you will have to pay fines or face other penalties from municipal authorities, but it also determines whether you earn the trust of your customers – as well as their future business. There’s nothing like an “F” rating to close down a restaurant fast or to send sushi lovers to another express eatery. You don’t
3 Easy Tips for Curing Stained, Scratched, or Etched Tile and Grout Stone floor is beautiful. Yet like many other beautiful things, it is fragile. It can be easily stained when someone spills a glass of wine at a party or just from the foot traffic of your kids and pets running through the house each day. It can be etched by acidic cleaners and even citrus juices. It can be scratched by moving furniture across the floor or even
How Do I Know When It’s Time to Have My Tile Professionally Cleaned? You know how you can come home to a smelly house every day and not notice that anything is wrong? You may have gotten accustomed to that wet dog smell or that dirty, stinky carpet. You only notice it when you’re away from home for awhile and then return – or if someone takes you to the side to tell you that something is off. The same
How Often Can I Reseal My Tile before Replacing It? Sealing the grout between your tile will help keep out dirt, bacteria, and mildew that can all cause unsightly staining and make your bathroom less hygienic. Over time, the sealer can break down, so it is important that you re-seal your grout every year or so. However, if you notice signs that the sealer is failing, you can re-seal the tile more frequently. If you do not seal your floors
4 Dangers to Your Shower Tile Tile can transform a basic shower into something luxurious and stylish. Instead of staring at boring, white walls, you can have a tile mosaic or a look that’s appropriate for a designer showroom. But if you don’t take care of your shower tile, you’ll be looking at a wall of mildew or nasty staining instead. In addition to regular Gilbert shower tile cleaning, you need to develop a sound maintenance plan to keep your
Top 5 popular types of tile flooring in homes
Top 5 Popular Types of Tile Flooring in Homes Tile is by far one of the best choices you can make for the flooring in your home or business, no matter what room you are considering. Tile has a long lifespan, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Regular tile cleaning involves sweeping and a little occasional mopping. If your tile becomes stained or dulled, you can call in a tile cleaning company in Phoenix to refresh it and
How homeowners prevent tile and grout stains
How Homeowners Prevent Tile and Grout Stains Stains in your tile or grout can make your floors look dingy and your countertops look dull and gross. Tile and grout stains can undercut the value that a tile floor or counter top brings to your home. You may be less comfortable inviting guests into your home, and when it comes selling time, you may have a harder time attracting potential buyers for the price you want. Taking some proactive steps will
Advantages of using-tile cleaning pros for AZ rental properties
Advantages of Using Tile Cleaning Pros for AZ Rental Properties Choosing the right flooring for your rental property can be anxiety-inducing. You need a flooring option that is going to look enticing and be preferable to the largest number of people, but you also need flooring that will stand up to a lot of use. Renters aren’t going to treat your property as nicely as you would, so you need flooring that will stand up to their negligence and abuse.
How to avoid damage when cleaning grout
How to Avoid Damage When Cleaning Grout When tile floors and countertops start to look old and dingy, it’s usually not because of the tile itself. It’s usually because of the grout – the lines between the tile. Water, food, and other debris often runs off the tile and into the groove with the grout. It’s hard to clean out, so it sits there, setting in the stain and causing bacteria to proliferate. Regular tile grout cleaning will keep your
3 things pawn shops sell to restore your floors
3 Things Pawn Shops Sell to Help Restore Your Floors Pawn shops are treasure troves of useful and desirable items for a fraction of the price of what you pay retail. You can find everything from new guitars to dishwashers at your local pawn store, all reasonably priced. Some Mesa pawn shops even let you pay for things in installments, making these items even more affordable. If you are remodeling your home, you are already shelling out a lot of

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