Simple Ways to Make Cleaning Your Tile a Breeze Many unsuspecting homeowners think that Gilbert tile and grout cleaning is easy – simply throw some brand name floor cleaner into a bucket with water, grab your mop, and get it done. Unfortunately, it is not so black and white. It is important to understand that Gilbert ceramic tile and grout cleaning is actually a cumbersome process and is best left to the professionals. However, if you are set on doing
Why It Is Essential to Seal Your Grout It is common knowledge and no secret that tile must be sealed. Without proper sealant, the tile will quickly begin to breakdown and require Gilbert tile floor restoration services. However, what is not so commonly known, is that grout must also be well-sealed to promote longevity. Read below to better understand why grout needs to be sealed, how it should be done, and the overall advantages of this process. Why Seal My
FIVE CAUSES OF UNHEALTHY GROUT CRACKING Grout is typically not something homeowners consider as something to treat with special care. It is somewhat of an afterthought, and its only purpose in the minds of many homeowners is simply to hold tile in place and provide a cohesive look to the surface. However, any Chandler tile and grout cleaning company will tell you that grout needs special consideration and care, right alongside your tile and other aspects of your home. Cracked
Color Changing Your Grout: Is It Right for Your Tile? Grout and tile can be a unique way to spice up your home. While in the past, grout was simply the material sealing the gap between tiles, in recent years it has become a much stronger statement piece for designing the interior of your home. Sometimes all grout needs to be re-colored is a thorough and deep GiIbert grout cleaning service. For Gilbert tile floor restoration projects, grout can be
THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF CLEANING YOUR STONE FLOORS Stone floors are such a beautiful part of any home. Unfortunately, the vast majority of homeowners are unsure about which products are appropriate to use for their Gilbert tile floor cleaning. Either they simply use the same cleaning solution throughout the entire home on every surface because they do not know any better, or perhaps they get too overwhelmed at the store with the variety of options. Whatever the reason, any
3 Essential Ways to Rejuvenate Your Dingy Grout Tile is a beautiful statement piece in any home, whether it creates a backsplash, shower, pool area, or entryway floor. The grout between tile pieces can add an extra splash of flair as well; that is, until it becomes dirty, dingy, and stained. Grout is a porous material, so over time it traps water and debris and begins to break down and look unattractive. What can be done to revitalize your grout
How To Choose The Right Grout Color For Your Project Whether you’re replacing the bathroom floor or adding a kitchen backsplash, picking out the perfect tile is only the first step. Just as important as finding a tile design you love is choosing a grout to go with it. Will you match the grout and tile? Do you want to contrast them instead? Or, are you interested in a coordinating shade of grout that complements your tile or highlights one
4 Causes of Grout Deterioration and How to Avoid Them Tile and grout have become an increasingly popular method of design across the United States. There are countless new homes being built with large areas of tile throughout, and many home repairs with new tile installation. It can be a beautiful design element, a statement piece in your home, or simply provide a clean and sleek look. Even just the grout itself can be a bold design statement while the
Important Things to Avoid in Order to Preserve Your Grout Your grout serves an important role in protecting your tile and the floors or walls behind it. However, your grout is a lot more delicate than you might think. Many types of ground include sand, silica, and other materials that are bound together in a porous structure. Those materials can degrade over time, and they can trap dirt and other debris inside. You have to be careful how you treat
Tile & Grout Cleaning Guide: 6 Essential Tips about Travertine Tile Travertine is a gorgeous stone that goes well with the natural Arizona landscape. It has a rustic yet sophisticated finish that suits multiple housing styles and décor schemes. You can even see travertine on historical buildings like the Roman Colosseum or the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. Those buildings are still standing after more than 1,000 years, so you know that travertine has the durability to last and to

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