All You Need To Know About Saltillo Tiles

All You Need To Know About Saltillo Tiles

What Are The Benefits of Installing Saltillo Tiles in Your Home

Do you want to create a beautiful bathroom or kitchen without breaking the bank? If yes, then you should consider buying saltillo tiles.
Saltillo tiles are durable and affordable ceramic tiles. They come in various designs and colors, so they are ideal for many places in your home.

In addition to offering warm tones in shades of red, orange, or yellow, saltillo tile is also made of clay, which is softer and smoother than other types of tile. This makes it comfortable for bare feet to walk inside the house as well as around the yard and pool area.

As you can see, Saltillo tile’s durability, cost, ease of installation, maintenance, and overall aesthetics are only a few of their pros. In this article, we will show you more of the pros and cons so you can get ready for your next project with a Anthem tile floor restoration or installation service.

Saltillo tile in a house in Arizona

What Is Saltillo Tile?

Today’s Saltillo tile is a rough-edged, kiln-fired terracotta tile baked in the sun. This type of tile, which originates from Saltillo in Northern Mexico, is still a favorite for many homeowners thanks to its environmentally friendly manufacture and adaptability as a flooring option for indoor and outdoor spaces.

To determine if saltillo tile is the best option for your indoor landscape, continue reading.

Saltillo Tiles Pros

As previously mentioned, saltillo is a lovely, practical tile material for homes, businesses, and both indoor and outdoor spaces—especially in sunny Arizona! Here are a few more reasons to choose saltillo:


Aside from coming directly from the earth, saltillo clay is also manufactured into the tile using a very environmentally friendly technique that has little to no influence on the environment by the time it reaches your house or structure.

Saltillo clay tiles are made of a sustainable and natural material that hasn’t had any chemicals or other additives applied to them. Additionally, saltillo gives your interior space warm, natural colors straight from Mother Nature!

Saltillo tile is also manufactured by hand, not in a machine. Thanks to that, each square is distinctive. Plus, when you decide to get a Avondale tile floor cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about losing its particular design. Saltillo tiles are not that easy to ruin if you clean them with the right materials!

Some people opt for double-sealing to boost its luster and shine, but if left to weather naturally, these tiles can give off a more nostalgic, rustic vibe. Saltillo tile that has weathered over the years can be found in numerous public locations throughout Mexico and the American Southwest.

Easy Maintenance

We already said that with the proper cleaning, saltillo tiles do not need frequent restorations. In addition to that, Saltillo is also a low-maintenance material for outdoor areas and busy families, which makes it appealing to commercial and residential property owners alike.

Saltillo tile can conceal dirt because of its warm, natural tint, which makes it impossible to determine if the floor is dirty. Whether you have kids or manage a location with a lot of foot traffic, this is a fantastic advantage.

Most of the time, you will only need to vacuum or sweep to keep it clean. However, if you think that’s not enough, you can mop the floor with a pH-balanced cleaner. You can also get a Buckeye tile floor cleaning service once a few months to restore its appearance and make it look new again.

Saltillo Tiles Cons

Although saltillo tile provides many qualities and benefits for property owners, there are some disadvantages to investing less money in your tile floors.

Uneven Floor Surface

Each handmade saltillo tile is unique, resulting in variations in your flooring. Saltillo tile flooring requires wider grout lines, so you obtain a less-than-perfectly smooth surface. Saltillo is a more rustic option for your house or structure, even though it is not dangerous.

It Needs Resealing

If you want less wear and weathering over time, you must reseal your Saltillo tile to keep the protective outer layer.
Difficult Installation

For novice builders or homeowners, installing Saltillo tile is not a do-it-yourself project. It needs to be placed down and spaced more precisely due to its thickness and handcrafted nature. The installer must also make sure that each tile has the appropriate amount of glue.

Saltillo Tile Experts For You

Whether you need a tile floor cleaning service or restoration, Desert Tile & Grout Care can help. Feel free to contact us through our website or phone number if you have any questions or you need a special treatment for your tile!

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