Stone floors are such a beautiful part of any home. Unfortunately, the vast majority of homeowners are unsure about which products are appropriate to use for their Gilbert tile floor cleaning. Either they simply use the same cleaning solution throughout the entire home on every surface because they do not know any better, or perhaps they get too overwhelmed at the store with the variety of options. Whatever the reason, any tile contractor will tell the utmost importance of cleaning your stone surfaces with the correct product in order to avoid the need for a professional Gilbert tile and grout cleaning. Read ahead to learn about some of the basic do’s and don’ts for cleaning your stone floors.

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Use vinegar

While vinegar is trendy and popular as a catch-all, multi-purpose cleaner for any surface in your home, it is actually one of the worst products that could be used on your stone surfaces. When you are doing a Gilbert ceramic tile floor cleaning, it is critical to avoid vinegar due to its high acidity content. Because stones such as marble, limestone, or travertine are all naturally porous surfaces, the vinegar will absorb deep into the stone and begin to break it apart from the inside out. Remember that just because something is marketed as “all natural”, does not mean that it is the best choice for your stone floor.

Use lemon or acidic cleaners

Along the same lines as vinegar, do not use lemon juice, lemon oil, or any other citrus-based cleaner for your Gilbert ceramic tile and grout cleaning process. Again, the high acidity of the citrus cleaners will penetrate the porous surface and cause a chemical reaction with the stone. Over time, this will not only cause the tiles to slowly disintegrate, but it will create dullness, etch marks, and fading.

Use abrasive cleaners

Upon first thought, abrasive cleaners seem like they would be a good candidate for scrubbing dirt, stains, or skid marks out of stone surfaces. However, while they may be effective in this way, the abrasiveness is actually damaging to the stone tiles and will lead to permanent etches or dullness over time. Unfortunately, even so-called experienced Gilbert tile floor cleaning services sometimes use these to scrub your stone floor, as they are motivated more by the immediate appearance than maintaining the actual integrity of your tiles and their protective seal. Once that seal on your tile breaks down, the rest of the stone is compromised and will quickly sustain deeper damages. It is important to research which cleaning products are used by any professional Gilbert floor cleaning service hired for your home, and avoid any company unwilling to disclose the ingredients of their cleaning solutions.


Use a specialized stone cleaner

Most Gilbert tile floor restoration services carry specialized products specifically designed with a neutral pH to remove the majority of dirt and stains while still maintaining the integrity and natural beauty of your tile flooring. When searching for a reputable tile floor cleaning company in Gilbert, do not be afraid to ask for before and after pictures from each company’s previous work. This is one of the best ways to guarantee they are using a truly safe cleaning solution and that they are committed to both customer satisfaction and the longevity of your floor. Any company unwilling to produce before and after photos is likely not worth your investment.

Use a pH neutral cleaner

As previously mentioned, vinegar and other acidic substances are a bad option since they will react poorly with the stone and seal on your tile floors. However, on the flip side, any cleaner used regularly that is overly alkaline will end up having the same effect over time. Choosing a cleaning solution with a neutral pH will help preserve the integrity of your stone surfaces while still removing dirt and stains.

When some stains are just too deep for a neutral cleaner to remove, we recommend not attempting the job yourself. It is in your best interest both financially and long-term to hire a professional. Someone certified and experienced will have all the right tools and skills to use a stronger, heavier alkaline solution for the occasional deep clean.

Use a clean rag

Lastly, use a clean rag or mop each time your clean your stone surface! While this seems like basic common sense, it is actually overlooked quite often and more important than you may realize. If a rag is used that has not been thoroughly sanitized from cleaning with another solution, you run the risk of spreading that harmful chemical all over your beautiful natural stone. This will defeat the entire purpose of choosing a specific, stone-safe cleaner, and create a hazardous environment for your stone tiles. Even choosing a specific color rag for cleaning your stone will help avoid cross-contamination, and will help improve the longevity of your stone surfaces.

Desert Tile and Grout Care specializes in providing quality Gilbert grout cleaning services and tile restoration services throughout the Phoenix area. We are knowledgeable in stone care and can provide the necessary professional touch to your damaged stone surfaces. Our local experts also provide excellent deep cleaning services, and use only the highest quality products that are safe and specific to whichever type of tile decorates your home. When your stone tile floor needs more than you can provide, call our professionals to deep clean, rejuvenate, and restore your stone today!

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