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Why It Is Essential to Seal Your Grout

It is common knowledge and no secret that tile must be sealed. Without proper sealant, the tile will quickly begin to breakdown and require Gilbert tile floor restoration services. However, what is not so commonly known, is that grout must also be well-sealed to promote longevity. Read below to better understand why grout needs to be sealed, how it should be done, and the overall advantages of this process.

Grout Sealing

Why Seal My Grout?

Grout is an extremely porous material, typically made from a combination of sand, cement, and water. Because cement is usually the main component, it makes the grout highly porous and absorbent of any kind of moisture. This means that any dampness, mud, rainwater, coffee, red wine, grease, or any other liquid that can be spilled on the floor will immediately become absorbed into the grout and cause staining, breakdown, and mildew growth. This will quickly lead to the need for a professional Gilbert grout cleaning service.

However, a high-quality seal creates a protective barrier over the grout, preventing it from any penetration, and therefore extending its lifespan. This also makes it easier to maintain and simpler to perform everyday Gilbert tile floor cleaning tasks, not to mention a more eye-appealing look.

There is actually only one type of grout that does not need a seal – epoxy grout. Rather than being made of mostly cement, it consists of epoxy resins and other fillers, making it non-porous and non-absorbent. As expected, this means epoxy grout is even easier for everyday Gilbert tile and grout cleaning, and simple to maintain. Unfortunately, however, epoxy grout is also harder to install and much more expensive, so it definitely is not the best option for everyone.

How Does a Grout Sealer Work?

A high-quality grout sealant will create a strong layer of protection over the grout to avoid any moisture infiltration, and reduce the need for a professional Gilbert tile floor restoration service due to damages. It will also repel dirt and grime, and essentially inhibit any hazardous materials from penetrating and destroying the grout.

The best time to seal your grout is immediately after installation. However, if you were not around at that time for whatever reason, but still want to apply a grout sealer, hire a professional Gilbert tile floor cleaning service to deep clean the grout before applying the seal. The point is to make sure the grout is as clean and free of grime as possible before applying a sealant that will lock moisture out (or in!).

How Do I Know if My Grout Needs to be Sealed?

If you are uncertain about whether your grout is sealed or not, there is a simple test you can easily perform to determine the answer. Simply place a few drops of water on your grout. If the water absorbs in, there is no seal. However, if the water beads up and just sits on top of the grout, this shows you have a quality seal already in place and should not be concerned.

How Do I Maintain Grout Sealant?

While the process of deep cleaning and sealing your grout can be time-consuming and finicky, it is absolutely worth it in the long run. It will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort you put into cleaning and maintaining your tile surface, and will help extend the longevity of your grout and tile. it is extremely critical to use the proper cleaning solution for your grout in order to avoid breaking down the sealant with the wrong cleaner. Frequently vacuum, sweep, or mop your tile floors (especially in high traffic areas) to remove any loose dirt, dust, and grime. If you have questions about the proper cleaning solutions, or tile and grout maintenance, contact your local Desert Tile and Grout Care experts to learn more.

As highly skilled tile experts, Desert Tile and Grout Care offers a number of cleaning and sealing services for home and residential tile floors or other surfaces. Whether your grout needs cleaning and sealing, or you simply have maintenance questions, we are available to provide top-notch service and lasting solutions for you at affordable prices. Contact our experts today through phone, text, or email, to setup a consultation and improve the life of your grout!

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