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Color Changing Your Grout: Is It Right for Your Tile?

Grout and tile can be a unique way to spice up your home. While in the past, grout was simply the material sealing the gap between tiles, in recent years it has become a much stronger statement piece for designing the interior of your home. Sometimes all grout needs to be re-colored is a thorough and deep GiIbert grout cleaning service. For Gilbert tile floor restoration projects, grout can be chosen in any color you prefer. Each of these choices will give your room a fresh new appearance and create eye-catching appeal.

Grout Color


Grout can easily change the whole appearance of a room, whether it is in a shower, bathtub, floor, countertop, backsplash, or patio. It is easily customizable to fit your personality and bring a pop of color to the room, or it can be cleaned and toned down to a neutral to tie a room together with ease. You have all the flexibility in the world to choose whether you want the grout to perfectly match the tile, be a few shades different, or be a stark contrast. The best part about this aspect is you can easily change up the look of a whole area without having to put in the expense, work, and time needed for a full remodel.

Additionally, over time grout will begin to fade or take on a dingy appearance. This is due to the porous nature of grout; it begins to absorb all the moisture, dirt, and debris it faces each and every day. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also be hazardous as mold and mildew can easily begin to grow in the grout and break it down from the inside out. At that point, hiring a tile and grout cleaning service in Gilbert will deep clean the grout, yes, but it will not fix the deterioration issue. Dull, dingy, and broken grout is an obvious sign that a re-grouting project is in your near future. If this is you, consider choosing a whole new grout color for your project to change up the look and make it feel as if you have a whole new area.


As mentioned earlier, one of the simplest ways to change your grout color is with a good refreshing deep clean by a reputable tile floor cleaning service near Gilbert. Years of daily wear and tear will eventually cause your grout to change in appearance. While cleaning is a great option, you can also have all the grout removed and replaced with a new color. This can be expensive, but it is definitely worth your investment. Especially when compared with the price of a full remodel, or even a full re-tiling project, the expense is much more minimal. The key aspect here is to hire a reputable tiling company to do your re-grouting project, such as Desert Tile and Grout Care.


You have the freedom to change the color of your grout at any point in time! It does not have to wait until the grout is damaged or deteriorated – it could be brand new grout that you realize just is not your jam, it could be a few years old, or it could be ancient. Anytime is the right time, if you decide it needs to be changed. Grout recoloration is a simple solution for a space where you really like the tile but do not like the grout. It allows you the freedom to recreate the space and make it your own.

Desert Tile & Grout Care is a local company specializing in all types of tile services, including Gilbert ceramic tile and grout cleaning. If your grout has become dingy and dull, discolored, or you just want to switch it up, call our tile experts. We have years of experience in deep cleaning tile and grout to restore its natural color, and are skilled in re-grouting as well. Our company has a vast selection of grout colors to choose from and can help you select the exact shade for your home. Once the deep cleaning or recoloration is done, we will apply a high quality sealant to ensure the longevity of your grout color. If your grout needs a professional touch, set up a consultation with us today!

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