How Failing Grout Affects Your Tile’s Appearance & Appeal

How Failing Grout Affects Your Tile’s Appearance

Nothing beats a beautiful tile and grout floor. With the many unique types of tile to choose from, and endless colors of grout to match, you cannot go wrong with ceramic tile flooring. Unfortunately, even the best maintained floor can end up with dingy, crumbling grout, contributing to a very unsightly appearance, not to mention a tripping hazard. If looking at your bathroom floor just makes you cringe, it is time to call a professional Mesa grout cleaning service to address the issue.

Kitchen floor after the cleaning of the tiles and the grout

What Causes Grout to Fail?

There are a whole host of reasons that can cause grout to begin crumbling and deteriorating. Sometimes the issue is simply that the initial installation was done poorly, by the installer mixing the grout wrong or applying it incorrectly. Or, perhaps low-quality grout was used in an attempt to go the cheap route.

Grout can crumble as a result of normal ground shifting due to temperature fluctuations. Sometimes Mesa tile floor cleaning is performed using a harmful cleaning product, or simply not done at all. If a harsh cleaning solution is used for Mesa tile and grout cleaning, the sealant protecting the floor will begin to break down and fail, giving the floor a dingy appearance.

If the grout and tile is in a bathroom or kitchen where moisture is constantly present, the seal can eventually break down leaving the grout exposed. Because of its porous nature, exposed grout can quickly suck in any moisture, dirt, or dust present, ultimately leading to the growth of mold and mildew along with deterioration from the inside out.

What Can Be Done to Fix Damaged Grout?

Once you have discovered crumbling, failing grout in your home, it is important to call a professional tile floor restoration service in Gilbert right away. Desert Tile & Grout Care is an excellent choice! A trained professional ceramic tile and grout cleaning service will likely be able to remedy the issue within just a few visits. Their first visit to your home will include an inspection of the affected area, a free estimate, and a detailed explanation of the process so you know exactly what to expect.

The next visit is where the magic happens! The experts at Desert Tile & Grout Care will use specialty cleaning tools and a proven process to completely clean out the failing grout and apply the new material. Additionally, once the new grout is in place, our Gilbert ceramic tile floor cleaning team will apply a high-quality sealant to the entire area. This ensures extra protection between cleanings, and helps prevent your grout from early deterioration in the future.

Desert Tile & Grout Care

If you have crumbling grout in your home, call a professional such as Desert Tile & Grout Care right away, to prevent the growth of mold and mildew inside the faulty grout. We are a locally based company specializes in top-rated tile and grout cleaning services for both homes and businesses. We are highly trained to clean and restore all types of tile and grout, and can rejuvenate your floors to look brand new. When your floors are in need of a professional touch, call our experts today at (480) 288-4475 to schedule an estimate!

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