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How To Choose The Right Grout Color For Your Project

Whether you’re replacing the bathroom floor or adding a kitchen backsplash, picking out the perfect tile is only the first step. Just as important as finding a tile design you love is choosing a grout to go with it. Will you match the grout and tile? Do you want to contrast them instead? Or, are you interested in a coordinating shade of grout that complements your tile or highlights one of the hues in its multicolored design?

To explain the pluses and minuses of each option, here are some points to consider when selecting grout for your tile:

Matching Tile and Grout Colors

When you match the color of the grout to the color of your tile, you create a more seamless look. The individual tiles become less distinct, working together to create an overall monochromatic appearance. This makes the tiled area look like one uniform space rather than lots of individual pieces in a pattern. And it typically looks larger, as a result. In small spaces or anywhere you wish to visually enlarge the square footage, matching grout and tile is a good choice.

Contrasting Tile and Grout Colors

The opposite of matching tile and grout is intentionally contrasting them. For white tiles, you might choose a black or dark gray grout, for example. For dark tiles, you could go with a light or white grout shade. In either case, the contrasting colors serve to accentuate the tile choice. Rather than making the space appear seamless, it draws attention to the individual tiles — their size, shape and color. While this choice tends to make a tiled area look smaller, it also can be a fun and bold way to make a design statement.

Complementary Tile and Grout Colors

Tiles that are multicolored can be difficult to match with grout. You may choose grout that matches or contrasts with the main color or pick a grout color that complements the entire design. If you have a tile design that incorporates orange, yellow, white and blue, for example, your best bet will typically be to choose a grout color that complements all of those hues or coordinates with one of them.

Other Considerations

Beyond considering which grout looks best with your tile, you’ll also want to be aware of how well various grout colors stand up to use:

  • Grime — Dark grout tends to hide stains better than light grout. This means it may require less upkeep compared to white or light shades. For high-traffic areas or places where dirt is inevitable, you may wish to ensure lower maintenance by going with a darker grout.

    Going one shade lighter than your tile is another good way to keep grout from quickly looking dirty. Because the grout color starts out lighter than the neighboring tiles, it can give the illusion of being clean even as it picks up dirt.

  • Fading —While dark grout hides stains, it also will fade faster over time. Light grout fades more slowly, which may make it a better choice for the long haul, depending on the tile with which you pair it.
  • Longevity — Neutral colors, especially soothing earth tones, are safe choices in terms of design longevity and resale value. If you want a grout you’re likely to still enjoy decades from now, choose white, tan, gray or a shade that matches your tile.
  • The beauty of grout in Arizona is that it’s more than merely functional. While it dependably fills the gaps between tiles, it also offers aesthetic possibilities and a way to put your personal touch on tilework. Depending on your taste, you can use grout to highlight your tiles, enlarge your space or exercise your creativity. The above guide will help you think through the possibilities as you plan your new tiled floor, walls or backsplash.

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