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How to Effectively Restore Paradise Valley Stone Surfaces

How to Effectively Restore Paradise Valley Stone Surfaces

How to Effectively Restore Paradise Valley Stone Surfaces
Although stone is a strong and resilient surface, it is not impervious to damage. Here are a few tips on how to restore your stone surfaces!
Paradise Valley, Arizona

Stone brick and tile can make your Paradise Valley Arizona home look beautiful while also reducing your overall maintenance. Whether you have chosen flagstone, granite, travertine or another type of stone, the durable surface will look great and hold up well either inside or outside of your home. Stone is resistant to water damage, temperature extremes, scratching and chipping.

Although stone is a strong and resilient surface, it is not impervious to damage. If you do not properly clean and care for your stone surfaces, they can become discolored by dirt and grime over time. Your once beautiful stone tile floors can look grimy and gross. Your fireplace can become black with soot. Your patio can become slippery with mold or discolored by rust and soil.
Regularly cleaning your Paradise Valley stone floor can help to prevent these problems from occurring and keep the surface looking fresh and beautiful.

If you let the stone become discolored, you have a couple of options for cleaning it. Acid-based cleaning solutions are available at home improvement stores that can strip dirt and stains out of stone tile and brick, including mortar stains, rust and soil. However, if you are not careful with these cleaners, they can actually damage the stone, leaving behind pit marks or making the surface more vulnerable to water damage and stains.

You can also pressure wash the stone using a solution of bleach and water. Pressure washing requires a delicate touch though. If you don’t use just the right pressure, you can damage the stone, again leaving behind pits or roughing up the surface. Too much bleach can further erode the surface, damage the stone or making it vulnerable to future damage.

The very best way to clean your stone surfaces is to hire a professional who is experienced in Paradise Valley stone floor restoration. Professional floor cleaning services will lift the dirt and stains out of the surface without damaging the stone. Instead, these floor cleaning surfaces will reveal the true color and beauty of your stone floors and help them to last even longer.

Stone floor restoration typically involves cleaning the mortar around your brick or tile, as well, and sealing the floor to protect it against future damage.

Getting the best results isn’t just a matter of using the right tools or avoid harsh chemical cleaners that can damage stone. Professionals have the experience and training to help them know exactly what strategy is required depending on the type of stone and the extent of the damage.

Desert Tile and Grout Care has been restoring stone surfaces for Paradise Valley homeowners for many years. Our stone floor restoration services can renew the look of any natural or manufactured stone surface, whether it be brick, slab or tile. No matter how stained the surface, we can get results. Our regular floor cleaning services can also keep your stone floors maintained and prevent the stains from forming, helping the floors to stay beautiful and to last longer. Call us today to learn more about our stone restoration services and floor cleaning in Arizona.

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