Warning Signs Your Shower Tile Needs a Thorough Cleaning

Unquestionable Warning Signs That Your Shower Tile Needs a Thorough Cleaning

How To Know When My Shower Requires a Professional Tiles & Grout Cleaning

When people begin to feel unhappy with the state of their shower tile or grout, they are unsure if their shower really needs a professional Chandler tile and grout cleaning, or if their shower actually needs to be re-grouted. So, how do you know when your shower tile needs a thorough cleaning?
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Problems That Show You Need Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

As grout ages, it will begin to show wear and tear. If your shower is starting to look old and dingy, it could benefit from a professionally Scottsdale ceramic tile and grout cleaning. Another warning sign is the growth of mold or mildew on your grout. It’s important to get those problems addressed because they can cause serious health problems if ignored.

When your shower tile is marred with stains that won’t come out with do-it-yourself cleaning methods or cleaning solutions, a thorough shower tile cleaning is exactly what your shower needs to look fresh and beautiful again. Years of build up that develop over time from soap scum, bacteria, dirt, sand, cleaner residue, and other materials are a sure sign that your shower tile needs attention from a professional grout cleaner.

Regrouting Shower Tiles

The best way to know for sure if your shower tile needs a professional cleaning in Mesa or needs to be completely re-grouted is to schedule a custom consultation with a grout cleaning service. A knowledgeable grout cleaning technician can look over your shower tile and help you understand which service would be the best option.

If your shower tile is looking really worn out, or has deeply embedded stains that can’t be removed even with professional tile cleaning, it’s time to consider having it re-grouted. This will leave your shower looking bright and new again.

Perhaps the biggest sign that your shower tile needs to be re-grouted is when your grout starts crumbling or falling apart, and your tiles become loose. If you are seeing that kind of damage in your shower, it’s definitely time to call a Gilbert tile and grout cleaner to assess the damage and get your tile regrouted.

In order to protect your home, re-grouting should be done at the first sign of grout damage. The longer your shower sits with failing grout, the more chance there is that water damage is happening to the wall behind your tile. Many people don’t realize that water damage can happen to shower walls even when they are not being directly sprayed on during baths or showers. Instead, significant water damage can occur even from heavy steam in the bathroom or beads of water sitting on the surface of the tiles. If you notice crumbling or falling grout in your shower, you can be sure you are past the point of a good cleaning and need to call a tile and grout cleaner near Gilbert for assistance. Getting the grout work done as soon as possible will save you time, money, and inconvenience from potential water damage and repairs.

How a Qualified Shower Tile Cleaning Company Works?

When the grout around your shower tile is badly stained, a Gilbert ceramic tile grout cleaning contractor is your first defense to get the stains out and make your shower sparkle like new again. When your grout has years of built-up, deep staining, growths of mildew or mold, your shower tile is definitely a candidate for a good professional grout cleaning. The low-pressure, high temperature cleaning system and premium pre-treatment solutions that the professionals use can loosen and remove even some of the most resistant stains, leaving behind bright and clean grout. Occasionally, staining has become too severe even for professional treatment. At that point, you will know your shower is in need of re-grouting.

If you are not sure whether your grout is just stained, or truly worn out and allowing water to seep into the walls of your home, call a grout professional for a consultation so you can get back to a beautiful, cleaned, and fully functional shower.

Call The Best Grout & Tile Cleaning Specialists In Gilbert, AZ

Whether your shower tile needs regrouting or just a good cleaning, Desert Tile and Grout Care is your best option. We are a family owned and experienced business dedicated to quality service at an affordable price. Our friendly and respectful technicians are ready to help care for your shower tile and answer all of your questions. You won’t believe the difference a tile and grout cleaning can make! To schedule your free shower tile consultation, call Josh today at 480-288-4475.

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