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Bathroom Restoration vs. Bathroom Remodeling

Is your bathroom looking a little worse for wear? A little dated? You might be tired of that Pepto Bismol-pink bathtub, or you might hate looking at the linoleum floor curling around the edges. You might think it’s time to do a complete bathroom remodel. But you might be able to make your bathroom look like new with restoration services instead.

Bathroom restoration vs. bathroom remodeling

Whether it would be better to invest in Gilbert bathroom restoration or complete remodeling depends on your goals for the bathroom, what problems are present, and what your budget is. Here are some things to consider when trying to make the decision for your Arizona bathroom:

Can You Clean It?

Professional tile cleaning can remove years of accumulated dirt and grime

You don’t always have to replace your tile or your tub. Sometimes, professional cleaning is all you need to make it look as good as new. Professional tile cleaning can remove years of accumulated dirt and grime that can dull the surface, discolor it, or just plain make it look terrible. You may have tried to clean it yourself with no success and think that the only way to get better-looking floors or tub surround is to replace them. But professional tile cleaning in Gilbert can work wonders.

Ditto for the tub. Dirt and oil can get into the surface and seem impossible to clean. Yet professional cleaning can lift out years of stains that you thought were just part of the fabric of the tub now. Having your bathroom professionally cleaned by the right experts can save you thousands of dollars in replacement, and you’ll get results much faster.

Can You Refinish It?

Upgrade your bathroom for a fraction of the cost with refinishing

A good coat of paint will go a long way toward making your bathroom look beautiful. Not only will paint touch up your walls, but the right paint can refinish your tub, tile, and even your sink or countertops. But again, you need to call a professional to get the right results.

Bathtub refinishing can change the color of that ugly, vintage tub, and it can cover up stains that you can’t get out with professional cleaning. Bathtub refinishing can also fill cracks and smooth out the surface. Most professionals can handle both bathtub repair and refinishing in Mesa in the same job.

You can do the same for things like your sink, tile floors, or countertops. Some paints are available now that will even give you look of granite without the cost. You can upgrade your bathroom for a fraction of the cost with refinishing.

Are they Damaged?

Some damage can be repaired with simple restoration

Some damage can be repaired with simple restoration. For example, cracks in your tub’s finished can be repaired easily without replacing the whole tub. But if your bathroom has extensive damage, you may need to look at replacement or remodeling.

For example, you may need to remodel your floors if you have something like linoleum that is peeling at the ages or tile that has cracked down the middle. You may need to replace your sink or tub if they are rusted through. The amount and type of damage will determine what is possible for repair and what will require replacement.

What’s Your Budget?

Generally speaking, restoring your bathroom will be a lot cheaper than remodeling it. Cleaning or repairing items costs less than replacing them.
The exception may be when you have a historic or vintage bathroom or materials. Restoring these items may require special techniques or materials that are either cost-prohibitive or no longer available.

Always talk to an expert and get estimates on your different options to know what your best choice is going to be for your budget. The best choice isn’t always the cheapest one. Consider what is being included in the work, how long it will last, and what look it will achieve.

Todd's Bathtubs in Mesa Arizona

What’s Your Timeline?

Generally speaking, restoring your bathroom will also take less time than remodeling it. In most cases, the timeline is nothing more than preference. Once you decide you want a new look for your bathroom, you usually want it right away.

Sometimes, there is good reason to have a faster timeline. For example, if you have children but only have one bathroom, you don’t want to be without use of it for long. If you are selling your home, you might want to renovate the bathroom before putting it on the market, which will make timing essential. When timing is important, renovations might be a better choice than remodeling.

What Look Do You Want?

You can often get a whole new look for your bathroom through simple renovations

You can often get a whole new look for your bathroom through simple renovations. However, remodeling would be required in some cases. For example, if you have a typical fiberglass tub, but you want the look of a claw-foot cast-iron tub, the only way to get that look is to replace the tub. However, if you want granite countertops, you can get that look with simple refinishing and not replacement.

Ultimately, there is no hard rule about when restoration or remodeling is better. You should think through these and other considerations to figure out the best choice for your Arizona home.

Todd’s Bathtubs provides complete bathroom restoration services, including bathtub refinishing, shower repair, and tub conversions. The experts can give your bathroom a new or updated look with simple shower refinishing, and they can make your bathroom safe and welcoming again with things like bathtub repair. Call Todd’s Bathtubs in Arizona today to get an estimate for your bathroom restoration work!

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