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Tile: A Great Choice for Your Mesa Pool Deck!

Forget about boring concrete or hard-to-maintain wood. If you want a beautiful look for your Mesa pool, you should consider tile.

Tile: A Great Choice for Your Mesa Pool Deck!

Tile: A Stylish and Affordable Choice for Your Mesa Pool Deck!

Here’s what you need to know about using tile for your Mesa pool deck!
Mesa, Arizona

Most tile is water- and heat-resistant, which makes it the perfect choice for the area around your pool. In addition, tile offers many more options for creating the look you want, whether you want something plain and simple or you want to create an elaborate and sophisticated design.

Here’s what you need to know about using tile for your Mesa pool deck:

Benefits of Tile

Tile has many benefits, whether you are using it around your pool or on your kitchen floor.

Tile is very durable, so it will stand up to a lot of damage like scratches and stains. However, some types of tile are softer than others, so you’ll want to talk with your contractor about the performance of the specific type of tile you are considering. The more durable the tile, the better for your pool deck, where you’ll have a lot of foot traffic and activity.

As mentioned above, tile also resists water damage. It won’t expand and contract like wood, and it won’t break down from prolonged exposure like concrete. Mold and mildew can form if you aren’t keeping up with your Mesa tile cleaning, but proper pool treatment will keep it at a minimum.

Tile also resists expansion and contraction from temperature changes, which is an important benefit in Mesa. The temperatures can get very high in the summer and low in the winter. You don’t have to worry about treating the deck to keep it safe during the seasonal changes.

Finally, tile is very easy to clean. You just need to mop it down with water or a mild cleaner to keep it free of dirt. If you get buildup, you may need to use a stronger cleaner or hire someone for professional cleaning. For example, you can get professional tile and grout cleaning that will make your tile look like new even if it has become dull and dark.

Mesa Tile and Grout Restoration By Desert Tile & Grout Care

Tile Options

You have many, many options for tile, ranging from concrete to slate. Just about any material can be made into tile.
However, when most people talk about tile for a pool deck, they are referring to porcelain, ceramic or glass.

Glass tile is very popular right now because it has a glossy, luxurious look that makes a pool look more upscale (and the house next to it, by extension). You can choose colors that complement the pool, like light blue, or you can choose glass tile in a variety of colors to create a mosaic or other design.

Porcelain and ceramic tile have a more traditional look, and they are very durable. Ceramic is a little softer (and more expensive) than porcelain, so you will need to take that into consideration when making your choice. You can also glaze the tile for more protection and a glossier look.

Other options for pool tile include slate, travertine, clay and even concrete. Talk through the options with your Mesa tile cleaning contractor to determine what best suits your budget and the look you are trying to create.

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One important factor in deciding on the tile you want to use for your Mesa pool deck is the installation.
For example, glass tile requires more time and skill to install, so you will end up paying more in labor costs. Glass tile also requires a specialty grout or else it will be susceptible to shifting with temperature changes.

Slate tile is very heavy and requires several people to move one piece. That will also increase your labor costs.

Make sure you understand what’s involved in the installation process before you choose your tile or else you might have a surprisingly high bill on your hands.

Once you install the tile on your pool deck, you’ll need to keep it maintained to keep it looking great and protect your investment. Desert Tile and Grout Care offers professional ceramic tile cleaning that can restore the tile on your pool deck, floors or backsplash. Our ceramic tile and grout cleaning gets out deep-set stains and renews the look of the tile so that it is as beautiful as the day you bought it. We care for all types of tile and grout, and we can clean and restore tile. Call us today!

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