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How Homeowners Prevent Tile and Grout Stains

Stains in your tile or grout can make your floors look dingy and your countertops look dull and gross. Tile and grout stains can undercut the value that a tile floor or counter top brings to your home. You may be less comfortable inviting guests into your home, and when it comes selling time, you may have a harder time attracting potential buyers for the price you want.

How homeowners prevent tile and grout stains

Taking some proactive steps will help you save a lot later in professional Chandler tile and grout cleaning or in tile replacement. Here’s what homeowners are doing to prevent these unsightly stains

Vacuum or Sweep Regularly

Vacuum or sweep regularly

Even basic dirt and dust can accumulate over time and settle into the grout lines and the grooves in the tile, eventually turning into stains that are hard to remove. If you have tile floors in your living room, bedrooms, hallways, or other rooms besides your kitchen or bathrooms, you should keep them clean with regular vacuuming and sweeping.

If the tile is in your kitchen or bathroom, you will need to do a little more to keep the water off the surface and to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Clean Up after Each Shower or Bath

Clean up after each shower or bath

You don’t need to scrub down your tub or shower every time you clean up, but you should at least give it a quick wipe down to keep the water off the tile surface. Water can mix with any dirt that is already there and create a staining liquid. It can also weaken the grout lines and tile, creating larger openings for dirt in the future.

Of course, standing water can also encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Taking the simple step of wiping that water away after a shower or bath can prevent a lot of headache later. Think of it just like drying off your own body when you’re done bathing.

Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

Use the right cleaning solutions

Bleach or ammonia can break down the grout and even weaken the tile itself, creating potential for more problems later. Some harsh cleaners can even etch the surface of the tile. The safest thing to use on your tile is a pH neutral solution designed specifically for cleaning tile in Chandler. You can find this in most grocery stores and hardware stores. Use it when you wipe down tile countertops or mop tile floors.

Keep Hot Objects Away

Tile is generally resistant to heat

Tile is generally resistant to heat and water damage – much more so than, say, wood or laminate. However, it is not invincible. You can’t put burning hot objects directly from the stove on your tile countertops without risk of damage. If you put a hot pot directly on the tile, it can leave a burn mark, which will appear as a nasty, brown stain. You won’t be able to get that out. Your only option will be to replace those tiles.

Seal the Tile and Grout

Seal the tile and grout

All tile and grout must be sealed to protect it from stains and other damage. The surface is always sealed when it is first installed, but you must re-seal the tile at regular intervals to ensure that it remains protected. Typically, you must re-seal your tile every year. However, the exact schedule will depend on the type of sealer used, the type of tile, and the way you have cared for (or abused) your tile.

If you can’t be sure to use the right sealer or the right method for applying it, call in the professionals. The protection that sealing provides is too important for you to get it wrong.

Dye the Grout

You can’t dye the grout after you notice you have problems with stains, but you can choose dyed grout when the tile is installed. Dying the grout a darker color will help to hide future stains. The dye won’t provide any protective properties, but it will solve common cosmetic problems.

If you are getting new tile floors or countertops installed, consider asking for a darker-stained grout. You could save yourself a lot of trouble and money later.

Chandler Tile & Grout Cleaning Services By Desert Tile

If you haven’t taken these steps to prevent tile and grout stains, you may still have hope. You may be able to restore your floors with a Chandler professional tile and grout cleaning from a top-rated tile cleaning company in Chandler.

In Arizona, Desert Tile and Grout Care provides professional tile cleaning for floors, counter tops and backsplashes. We also clean brick and stone. Our professionals can restore your tile and grout, helping it to look fresh, bright, and sparkling clean. You’ll be proud to entertain in your home again, and you’ll protect the value of your home. Call us in Arizona today to schedule an appointment!

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