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Ultimate Guide to Scottsdale Outdoor Tile

Ultimate Guide to Scottsdale Outdoor Tile!

Ultimate Guide to Scottsdale Outdoor Tile!

Here are a few tips for choosing the best outdoor tile for your Scottsdale home!
Scottsdale, Arizona

The same benefits that make tile a good choice for your interior floors also make it a great choice for your outdoor patios and entertaining areas. Tile is strong and durable, and it withstands a lot of common damage. Even better for Scottsdale homes, tile withstands temperature extremes. With regular tile and grout cleaning, you can keep your outdoor tile floors looking great for years to come.

Though tile is a great choice for inside or out, you have to make the right choices to get the best results. Here are a few tips for choosing the best outdoor tile for your Scottsdale home:


You can choose tile to either match your home or to provide a complementary contrast. But you also want to think about the natural light that the area gets. A covered patio surrounded by trees or bushes will likely be a darker space, and dark tile will make it look gloomy. You should choose a lighter colored tile to brighten up the space.

With a lighter area, you have more flexibility. You can choose darker tile to provide an interesting contrast, or you can choose lighter tile to create a lighter, overall look.


Tile comes in a variety of styles to match your taste and the look you are trying to create. Some are solid colors, and some have patterns. Some are glazed, and some are matte. Some have texture, and some are smooth.

Each of the choices you make will affect not only the final style of the floor but also the ease of the tile and grout cleaning. For example, textured tile can hold dirt more and may stain more easily. You may have to invest in Scottsdale professional tile floor cleaning more frequently to keep them looking good.


The material you choose is perhaps the most important factor in tile shopping. Some tile is weaker and more vulnerable to damage. For an outdoor floor for your Scottsdale home, you need tile that can stand up to scuffs and scratches from sand and gravel, as well as to the extremely hot temperatures in the summer.
Outdoor tile solutions
Ceramic tile is the most fragile, so it should be reserved for accent pieces where there is no foot traffic. Travertine, slate, granite, and porcelain are all good choices for outdoor tile. Granite is highly heat resistant, and porcelain is nearly water proof since it has a non-porous surface. Scottsdale Saltillo tiles are porous but matches the southwestern decor style best. Each of these tile materials has its own pros and cons, so it is important that you consult with a professional to learn more about them.

Once you have the right tiles in place, make sure you tend to proper Scottsdale grout cleaning and tile cleaning to keep them in great shape and looking great. Desert Tile and Grout Care provides the professional tile floor cleaning services you need to keep your indoor and outdoor tile floors looking like new. Whether you have new floors that you want to maintain or you have old, stained floors that you want to restore, we can help you. We serve clients throughout Arizona, so call us today.

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