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Expert Maintenance Tips for Faux Wood-Grained Ceramic Tile Flooring

Having wood-grained ceramic tile flooring is the very elegant. The texture is similar to wood, which achieves a realistic appearance. However, one of the slight downside of wood-grained ceramic tile compared to other tiles is the grooves in the texture trap dust and debris. All that dirt accumulation is difficult to clean. The expert maintenance from Desert Tile and Grout Care has a few tips on how to tackle your faux wood-grained ceramic tile flooring.

expert maintenance tips for faux wood grained ceramic tile flooring

  • Sweep wood grain ceramic tiles every day. Better yet, dust them. You might do this every other day, because every day seems too tedious. If you dust the floor every day, it will prevent dust from settling within the layers. All that dirt and dust makes the tiles look dirty.
  • After every spill, clean it up immediately. Food and heavy liquid such as juice or soda, can be very difficult to clean off these tiles once it’s dry. Use clean rags or paper towels soak the liquid. If you use a dirty rag, you’ll be adding more dirt, rather than cleaning it. Which in this case, makes the situation worse, rather than better. The dirty rag can leave particles behind, along with other food substances that was spilled.
  • Wet-mop wood grain ceramic floors at least once a week. It doesn’t matter if it looks clean. Mopping weekly prevents the dust and dirt to permanently settle settle within the groove. We recommend to use dish soap and water, or a ceramic tile cleaner, to mop the tile. If you follow up with the dish soap solution, add 1 tablespoon per gallon of warm water. After mopping with the soapy solution, mop with rinse water to remove the dish soap. If you don’t rinse, the soap will contract the dirt and will definitely endure the dust and dirt into the floor.
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Mainly what we are suggesting is to sweep and mop your wood-grained ceramic tile flooring regularly. Also, once a month, or every three months, restore the tiles. Once month, instead of using our soap solution, use white vinegar and baking soda. First, sweep or dust the floors. Then, using a scrub brush, scrub the floors with white vinegar and baking. Then, mop the floors with a tile cleanser. After that, rinse the floors with clean water. Don’t the floors air dry. Grab a white terry cloth towel, and dry the floors with it. Physically drying the floors will guaranteed to pick up all the dirt and reduces the possibility for dust and dirt to settle on the grooves of the ceramic tile.

After Installing Faux Wood-Grained Ceramic Tile Flooring

faux wood grained ceramic tile flooringIf you recently installed wood grained ceramic tile flooring in your house, a DIY project, you’re probably thinking how you can get rid of the grout haze. Well, here is how. Wait 24 hours after the grouting is fully cure before tackling the haze. The two perfect household chemicals that is perfect to cut through the haze is distilled vinegar and warm water. While you are waiting out the 24 hour wait, gather the chemicals, mops, buckets and a scrubby. For every four parts of warm water, mixed one part of vinegar. Once the 24 hour wait has passed, start mopping and scrubbing. The vinegar solution is scent free, plus it will tackle the haze quickly. This method is quick and simple. It not an expensive process either.

Installing wood-grained ceramic flooring is a long processes. If you are doing it by yourself, it’s a very statisfing feeling once you’re done. Even though, throughout the entire home project you were thinking, “Hope I’m doing this right.” “Don’t mess up, or it will be more expensive to mix it.” Before installing the ceramic tile flooring, consult with a tile and grout professional. Getting a consult is better then researching it online. When consulting with the expert, ask about the proper tools, proper procedures, and the proper material. After your done installing the ceramic tile, cleaning the grout haze and keeping the tile and grout clean in Paradise Valley is another task. Desert Tile and Grout Care is Arizona’s based company that specialize in providing top-industry tile and grout cleaning services in Paradise Valley. Contact us and we’ll be happy to clean the tiles. Our experts are well experienced with with floors of all types, including ceramic tile and grout, stone, brick patios and walkways, marble floors, Mexican tile, Travertine tile, and more.

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