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The Many Kinds of San Tan Valley Tile Flooring

The Many Kinds of San Tan Valley Tile Flooring

The Many Kinds of San Tan Valley Tile Flooring

Here’s what you need to know about the many types of tile flooring!
San Tan Valley, Arizona

Tile is an exceptional choice for the floors inside or outside your San Tan Valley home. Tile is both beautiful and durable, and it can withstand damage from the sand, rock, and rain that is so common to the desert landscape. Unlike hardwoods or pressed laminate, tile won’t easily scratch or stain. The floors will last longer, and they won’t require as much maintenance.

Another benefit of tile is that you have many choices in the type of tile, helping you to get the look you want for the budget you want. Here’s what you need to know about the many types of tile flooring:


Ceramic and porcelain tile tend to be lumped together, but traditional ceramic tile is not porcelain. Ceramic tile is made from red, brown, or white clay mixed with other minerals. The clay is quarried, and then it is prepared and formed into the mold of the tile. Ceramic tile can be formed with a slush mold, or it can be extruded or dry pressed.

Ceramic tile is quite durable, and it does not easily scratch or stain. The material repels water and dirt, so it can be easily wiped away. You can use any all-purpose cleaner to keep your ceramic tile looking great. Since the tile repels debris, it is also a great choice for allergy sufferers.


Porcelain tile is similar to ceramic, but in addition to the clay and minerals, it also contains a white dust known as feldspar. In fact, 50 percent of its composition is feldspar. This important material is a crystal that helps to bind all the materials together during the drying process, when it melts into a material like glass. The feldspar gives the porcelain the beautiful finish for which it is known.

Most porcelain and ceramic tile are glazed, but you can also buy un-glazed options. The glazing protects the tile from water penetration, scratching, and staining. Porcelain is considered a higher-end tile, and it has a luxurious look.


Granite is one of the many types of natural stone tile. Most people think of granite in its slab form, which is often used for counter tops.

However, granite is growing in popularity as a tile choice for the same reasons that everyone loves it for counter tops: It is durable, water-resistant, and stain-resistant.

Granite is a natural, igneous rock that is very hard. It has a beautiful and distinct appearance marked by the minerals that run through the rock. It comes in a variety of colors, so it gives you the flexibility to create the look you want.

Due to its hard surface, granite is an excellent choice for inside or outside floors. It can withstand even the highest foot traffic, and it can make it through Arizona’s tough monsoon season without even a scratch.


Marble is another type of natural rock, but it is not as common as granite. Marble is a high-end stone that you will see in luxurious settings like five-star hotels and designer boutiques.

While you might think of marble as the smooth, white stone that you see in sculptures and columns, marble actually comes in a variety of colors and can be used for tile flooring.

The downside to marble is that it is very porous and is vulnerable to water damage. It should not be used in bathrooms, kitchens or outdoor spaces unless it is sealed well and on a regular basis.


Travertine tile is a popular choice for San Tan Valley homes thanks to its rustic and earthy look. Travertine has an adobe look that fits right in with the desert landscape. Not only is it widely used in tile flooring, but it is also used for roofing.

Travertine is a type of limestone, and it is characterized by a rough surface that has natural pitting. The stone also has a faintly crystallized appearance. The stone can take on a more polished look when the pits are filled and the surface is buffed.

Like marble, travertine is not recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoor spaces. Because it is a soft and porous stone, it can be easily stained and scratched. Sealing can help to protect the stone, but it won’t be enough to prevent the damage. Travertine is better suited for areas like a living room or home office. A Mesa travertine tile cleaning expert can help keep your floors looking like new for longer.


Cleaning your San Tan Valley tile floors
Limestone is a soft, sedimentary rock that has a variegated appearance. It comes in earthy tones in light and dark shades. Yet like travertine, it has a soft and porous surface that can be easily stained and scratched. Therefore, it should not be placed in areas where there will be plenty of foot traffic or water.


Like granite, slate is a very dense and very durable rock, and it is used in a variety of building applications. This high-end stone is sought after for use in counter tops, roofing, and flooring. Slate tile has a beautiful, dark appearance that adds a touch of elegance to your home. It has a natural texture, but it can be polished smooth if you prefer it.

Because it is so dense, slate can withstand just about any damage in a high-traffic area. You can install slate tile in the kitchen, the bathroom, your outdoor patio area, or anywhere else you want in your home.

Whatever type of tile you choose for your home, you will need to commit to regular tile and grout cleaning to keep it looking great and to extend its life. Desert Tile and Grout Care offers professional tile floor cleaning that can remove years of dirt and staining. Our extensive line of services includes grout sealing, staining and colorization to restore the look of your tile. We offer San Tan Valley tile and grout cleaning for all types of tile, and we work inside or out. You’ll be amazed at the look of your floors after our professional tile floor cleaning services. Call us today to learn more about our services and to reclaim the beauty of your tile floors.

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