Professional Grout Color Sealing By Desert Tile & Grout Care

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Professional Grout Color Sealing By Desert Tile & Grout Care

“At Desert Tile & Grout Care, we see all kinds of grout cleaning and sealing jobs that have been attempted before us, including Do It Yourself tile and grout sealing. One thing that often occurs for people who are newer or are less professional at sealing, is to have a blotchy coloring that is faded instead of a nice consistent even color on your grout. And many times we’re asked, “Now that we’ve already sealed this grout or a tile, can we change the color?”

And yes, we can. We can change the existing color or even out a modeled color and provide a protective seal at the same time. Color sealing provides a glare-free, uniform color that is highly resistant to contaminants, water, wear, sunlight and extreme temperatures. So, if you’d like to protect your tile and get a nice even color, call Desert Tile & Grout Care and get a professional color sealing and tile sealing done on your home.”

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