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Replace VS. Restoring Ceramic Tile Flooring

When looking for the ideal home, flooring is a major factor that determines whether or not you want to buy or keep looking, because replacing it can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary. If a home is nothing but carpet, it can sometimes be a turnoff if you have children or pets. Plus, with all of the dust here in Mesa, Arizona, discoloring of carpet is extremely common. Replacing the carpet or even having it professionally cleaned can be costly and you might not be able to take up that burden. Wood has a certain appeal to it, but it can be difficult to care for. The slightest increase in moisture can make beautiful hardwood floors bow and become damaged. This, too, can monopolize your expenses.

ceramic tile flooring tile and grout

Ceramic tile is the most ideal flooring in commercial and residential establishments. It is easy to clean and care for on a daily basis, and it comes in a wide array of styles that can mimic those expensive hardwood floorings. However, ceramic tile and grout can become dirty and dingy over time, no matter how durable it actually is. When this happens, your ceramic tile will require periodic and extensive deep cleaning. Most people believe that in order to achieve newer looking tile, they must replace and update it. This can renew the value of their home, but it comes at a high price. Fixing and replacing tile can be just as expensive as wood or carpeting. The labor alone would put a dent in your financial status.

The grout plays a huge role in how your tile looks as well. Depending on the original color, your grout can become lighter or darker over the years and ultimately affect the look of the tile. No one wants to spend their days looking at unattractive and dingy tile and grout. And grout is the most susceptible to damage and stains, especially when unsealed. When liquids are spilled, the grout absorbs and soaks it up, discoloring the grout over time. This happens frequently with ceramic tile and grout in kitchens and bathrooms. But there is a solution to renewing the look of your ceramic tile without the major expenses of replacing and repairing it.

Mesa Tile and Grout Restoration By Desert Tile & Grout Care

Desert Tile and Grout Care is Mesa’s primary tile cleaning service and can restore your ceramic tile to make it look as though it’s brand new. We offer a wide array of services that include in Mesa, deep cleaning your ceramic tile and grout, sealing it, and restoring the original beauty of the tile. Whether it’s on the floor, walls, countertops, or showers, we can clean it and make you fall in love with your ceramic tile. Why spend all of your money on replacing the tile throughout your home? Our ceramic tile floor restoration offers a cost effective and affordable way to renew your home’s tile.

In addition to indoor services, Desert Tile and Grout Care can restore the stone or ceramic tile on your patio or other outdoor tiling. Especially in the Mesa sun, your tile can become faded and discolored over time. We specialize in staining and colorizing tile to match decor or preference. Stone tile can be especially expensive, so don’t waste your money on replacing it when there is an easier solution. Come to us for coloring and restaining.ceramic tile flooring We have the skills and supplies you need in order to renew the look of your indoor and outdoor tile.

Our excellent services don’t stop there. We can also restore and replenish your outdated and faded brick. From fireplaces to walkways, we can pull out the original color that has since faded out of your brick, making the colors vibrant and beautiful.

So for all of your Mesa ceramic tile cleaning needs, come to Desert Tile and Grout Care in Mesa where we can help restore your tile, brick, and stone at the budget you’re looking for. Don’t spend thousands of dollars replacing something that can be easily remedied with our excellent services. We have over fourteen years of experience and are family owned so you know you will be getting the best quality services at an affordable price. We can make your home look brand new. So don’t wait. Contact us today at (480)-228-4475 for a consultation or go online.

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